A friend shipped a small package (1 Lb. @ 8X4X4 in.) valued at $120.00, from Los Angeles to Calgary, AB., Canada and a shipping cost was $23.00.

I received the packaged along with a bill for $48 in extra fees. The fees included $37 for brokerage fees which is a computer transaction completed by a one fingered typist. Total cost of shipping $85.

The same shipment if shipped by USPS (confirmed by them) would have been $25 for postage, $6 for Sales Tax and $5 for administration a total difference of $49. Needless to say US Postal Service is the way to go and the crooks at UPS will never get my business again.

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Deland, Florida, United States #764437

Also this information regarding brokerage fees is clearly noted on their website.

to Knowing is Half the Battle Calgary, Alberta, Canada #765322

You truly don't get the issue, do you? The brokerage fee that is based on the shipments value and not the amount of work involved in the process isn't charged by USPS or the CDN Postal service. Use USPS and not UPS, get it.


In this case, brokerage fees were charged BECAUSE your package was shipped FROM the US to Canada. You ever hear of International CUSTOMS?

Evidently the person sending the package either wasn't informed in LA, or didn't understand the fees involved with international shipments. He should have paid the brokerage fee when he shipped the package, because he didn't, an additional BOND fee is added when the package is delivered.

to two cents Calgary, Alberta, Canada #765326

Brokerage fees don't have anything to do with customs, the GST or Government Sales Taxes are the fees that Customs are interested in. Brokerage fees are a money grab by the shipping company and in this case the shipping company was UPS or United Parcel Service.

That brokerage fee would have never been charged if the parcel was shipped by USPS or United States Postal Service. Like I said before "I learned a lesson, I will never use UPS again".

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