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A week 1/2 ago we ordered a dining set with 2 benches, a corner seat, a square table, and chairs.About three quarters of the things were broken, and we suspect that the UPS driver had broken it along the way.

One bench is broken, the corner seats leg is half taken off, the table and many other things are chipped. I asked the UPS driver why is the box ripped when we received it and he said he did not know, when he is supposed to take care of packages instead of break them open. A few days later, we filed a claim to UPS and they said they would bring over an investigator. No investigator whatsoever, and no response from UPS saying "We don't have on available" or something along those lines.

We've used UPS and none of our packages have been broken.

When we take it back to UPS, we fear they may deny it and hand it back over, saying that we broke it.Screw them, I don't think we'll use UPS again.

Monetary Loss: $900.

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Alexandria, Virginia, United States #853571

I work with UPS Customer Service.What you can do is call back in and have your claim escalated in the form of 2nd request concern, or just a concern.

This way they have a physical record of it and not just a phone call you may or may have not made.

In reguards to the pkgs. Shippers often to take the time and the effort to pack their pkgs for shipping. They usually use the thinnest boxes with little to no packing, then they blame us when things break.

But what they don't realize is that these things get shipped across the country. It literally gets loaded and unload at least 3-5 times, and that's just going ground shipping.

Now take into account that it gets loaded on a semi-trailer with little to no shelves. So it will have things setting on top of it, on the side of it and in with objects that may damage it.

Now, if they prepared the box to survive that, then you would receive you pkg in great condition.

Unfortunately they do not.

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