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well ups did it again. they damaged my packages and now they refuse to pay the claim. i bought three new boxes from uhaul and packed my dolphins very well because i have been collecting them my whole life. when i sent them with ups there was nothing wrong with them. when they got to my house in michigan i opened them and they all were broken but two of them.

i used newspapers, bubble wrap, sheets, and rugs to pack them the bubble wrap came from ups. we shouldn't use ups because they don't care how they handle the boxes.

i bought the insurance for my packages because the dolphins can not be replaced, the boxes had holes in them they looked like they had been dropped and rolled down the hill. it took over two months for them to come and inspect them.

the insurance adjuster came to the house after i had called for over a month, and he took pictures and told me that ups was at fault and i had more than enough packing material in the boxes and that

they should pay the claim, i called the ups store in maricopa, arizona and they told me that ups has denied the claim. this is so wrong, when we are at fault we have to pay the consequences so why shouldn't ups have to pay the claims also. why should they get away with it? i would never recommend ups to anyone. i would rather go with fedex from now on. i only went with ups because i am getting a divorce and moved to michigan.

i am going to call fox 2 news/problem solvers and give them my story and see what they can do for me. i have heard bad stories about ups and never thought that it would happen to me. but it did and i am pissed about it. i hope that everyone reads this and does something and not just let them get away with this.

one more thing when you get things as gifts you don't ask for receipts from the giver. and that is what ups wants is receipts . my house burnt to the ground in september also. they don't care. they just don't want to pay the claims. they will think of all kinds of excuses not to.

who would they feel if something happened to all their trucks and their insurance not cover them.

i will not stop here i am going to keep on until they pay. i paid to have them shipped with insurance one them. they need to pay because they broke them.

Monetary Loss: $7.

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You may be 47 years old but that letter was typed as if you were 47 months old. I can see why someone would want to divorce you.

I just hope your husband gets custody of the children so they don't have to live with you. I hope on Christmas you don't get to see them at all. Why did you not take the dolphins yourself. Perhaps they were already broken and you want someone else to pay for them so you set ups up.

Also you must have failed math class, you said you have been collecting them for your whole life, well your 47 years old and you later said you have been collecting them for your WHOLE life. That is not even half your life.


What is the big deal with not using capital letters? Do you really think that a little kid would write on here?

Come on now. I am sure that they have much more to do than to write on this forum about dolphns. I am sure that I am older than you are. What more *** things can you say.

I am sure that I have raised more children than you have. By the way the boxes that I used were brand new I purchased them from Uhaul. UPS just doesn't want to pay the big claim that i put on them. I had been saving the dolphins for more than 20 years.

What would you do? The same thing I did. So just get off it ok. I am sure you have more better stuff to do than to sit here on the site and critisize the way other people type.

And by the way I am 47 years old. thank you


You don't use capital letters when you type, what would make us not believe that you are just a kid that was rough with the packages. After you type like you are a little kid.

If this is the case I would get your parents permission before contacting your news station. They will ban you from the computer and ground you for breaking the dolphins if UPS sues them for slander.