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I had a friend ship me a fish tank from Boston to Florida. When it got to my house the side panel that was at the bottom of the box was caved in.

I filed a claim over 2 months ago and it's hit a dead end. Every time I contact someone they have no answers for me. I have been told they're waiting on paperwork for months.

This is the last time I use UPS and I'm going to exhaust every effort to get the money to replace the fish tank THEY BROKE. Maybe I'm crazy but I believe if you break something you should FIX IT!!!!

Monetary Loss: $200.

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Downey, California, United States #587968

I know it must be upsetting that you have a broken fish tank however, you must remember that at UPS as well as FedEx, its all about packaging items correctly. Although you or your friend might think you wrapped it correctly, it might not have met UPS standards.

Once you file a claim, this will be the first thing they investigate and will cause your claim to either be denied or approved. Damage can happen with any carrier, not just UPS.

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