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I ordered 3 baby turtles and waited all the next day for them. At 5:00 when they hadn't shown up we tracked them only to find they had been delivered to the wrong address and left outside on a cinderblock wall.

The temp was over 100 degrees..the turtles were dead. After a phone call to UPS we had 3 more baby turtles shipped. We had to work but left my 18 year old son at the house waiting on my little turtles. On our drive home from work we still had no package from UPS.

My son went to check the mail and found the turtle box stuffed in our MAILBOX! More dead baby turtles.

This time I feel either the driver is a complete *** or it was "payback" for complaining on him. Either way, I'm not ordering anymore turtles and I'll never use UPS again.

Monetary Loss: $40.

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Id hate to be one of your pets. The owner of that company should be arrested for animal cruelty and you should be hit over the head twice with a blunt object for being a retard, twice.


As I stated before, Rick...the company I ordered from runs a very successful company shipping turtles in every season...even the extreme summer heat. I simply was blowing off steam because the moronic UPS drivers I seem to have in my area.

I find it sad that you and that other dumb *** that commented on here have nothing better to do in your lives except sit for hours reading other people's complaints.

I'm through answering losers can have it. :)


First comment speaks volumes about the retards going around on here commenting on posts they have no idea about.


over 100 degres out good idea ordering animals fuking ***. doesnt matter if ups can or cant ship them use common sense!!!!!


Well considering UPS DOES ship live animals and the company that I bought them from has a CONTRACT with UPS for shipping live animals, perhaps you should get your facts straight before you attempt to crack off "insults" at people.

Also the package that was sent had HARMLESS LIVE TURTLES printed all over the box. This company has a successful business sending turtles all over the country to families, schools and other companies.

They rarley have fatalities. I was told the problem would be resolved and promised another delivery of live turtles.

The UPS driver put them in the MAILBOX...that is for the U.S. mail not UPS is also illegal.

Quite frankly, you have to be an a**hole to respond to a complaint without knowing the circumstances and not knowing what you're talking about.


Well, considering UPS is not allowed to ship live animals, your beef is with the company you ordered them from, as I'm sure they didn't indicate what the contents were when UPS picked them up. Furthermore, quite frankly you have to be an *** to order animals through the mail/shipping company, and twice no less!!

This story speaks volumes about the company that sold them to you, and your own level of intelligence/compassion for a living creature. GO TO A PET STORE!

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