For years I have received less than half of my packages without having to spend hours dealing with UPS and begging them to make deliveries, which were already paid for. I too have checked tracking to find that "a delivery attempt was made" when it clearly was not. Once when this happened twice in a row, I waited and listened for the truck on the third day. When I heard a truck I thought could be UPS I ran outside, just in time to see the UPS truck drive away. I was then told my package was delivered. Then I was told it was not. When I do get my packages, they are usually late and the drivers are often rude and sarcastic. They get hostile if they have to wait more than .006 seconds for you to come to the door, if they wait at all. Usually I just hear someone yell something that sounds like "UPS." Then I hear a loud THUMP as my box is dropped/thrown against the building. They have even placed a large box in the corner of our security door, so the door was jammed and I could not get out. I had to call someone to pull the box out of the doorway so I could get out. I recently spent 6 hours trying to locate a package. I did get a manager who was very helpful. However, I have yet to receive my package. The day is not over though, and I am hopeful that he will take care of this for me. If not, we will start this again tomorrow. Here is the info. for the UPS corporate office:


55 Glenlake Parkway NE

Atlanta, Georgia 30328

United States

Phone: 404-828-6000

Fax: 404-828-7666

The president is Daniel J. Brutto

I recently told a company that if they are going to ship via UPS, I will never order from them again. It is just not worth the hassle you have to go through. Anyhow, using credit cards is so last decade. Let's all take back out time and our money and use cash in the stores!

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