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hardly ever get a package anymore that is not busted open, sometimes small holes or big tears. received two orders this week in different towns both had huge tears on side nothing missing in one,3 items in the other.

most of the time there is nothing missing aisbut there has been several times.

I receive packages almost every week in 20 to 30 different towns and have been for 25 years it seems like package handling is getting worse and you can't tell when ups is going to deliver used to set your watch by them. this is first time I have complained about anything, but am tired of busted packages and stuff inside is a mess.

This reviewer shared experience about problem with delivery and wants this business to issue a full refund as the author lost $25. This person is overall dissatisfied with Ups and uploaded picture s. Reviewer wants customer support to reach our to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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Tustin, California, United States #1217618

I know, Right?! All my packages I receive lately look as if they were opened and sloppily repackaged before I get them. What is going on in the world?

to gk808 #1357465

You need to put the blame on the shipper. They improperly prepare their packages for shipping--often using one piece of paper tape, regardless of weight or dimension.

UPS does not ship these products--they take the package from one point and deliver it to another. It is the shipper's responsibility to properly prepare the package for shipment

Afton, Virginia, United States #1213062

Maybe they should have packed the item sufficiently before shipping it. Why is it automatically UPS's fault ***?

There are many factors when it comes to packing such as your box, this one looks like a moving box which is not a shipping box. The edge crush test should be more than 32lbs per square inch. The items had obviously no protection as I can see from the pictures, they are right against the edge with no fill. Crappy tape can come off at the seams which looks like what happened.

When people shipping you things cut corners, what do you expect! You are a ***.

to Anonymous Irving, Texas, United States #1215281

You are correct. In his defense, I have worked in a shipping facility.

It is extremely fast paced and packages do take a beating.

They are tossed onto a conveyor and onto trucks about a half a dozen times before the destination is reached. The handlers are paid minimum wage and the drivers have frequently been seen tossing packages.

to Anonymous #1215609

I understand completely the whole "being packaged properly", but you are the a**** in this one. I was being shipped a box of ribbon.

Over 1000 yards, but they were on spools and or folded and wrapped. The box weighed 33lbs and who gives a *** about all that.... The real issue here is that at some point that box was crushed. The entire front had been torn off and taped back on.

When it arrived, nearly 1/3 of the contents were missing. The contents that were missing weren't small either. Several 150-yard rolls of 1.5" wide ribbon, several 2.25" wide 50-yard spools, etc. Apparently, when the box was torn open, an employee (incompetent one) scooped up what they could and threw it back in the box without making sure they put everything back in, without filing any kind of incident report or notifying a supervisor of the incident.

My package wasn't the only one damaged because, in the process of scooping up my very valuable ribbon and throwing it in the box, they included a bag of beef jerky from someone else's package. How do you lose hundreds of yards of ribbon? Are there that many hiding places that spools of ribbon that big could have rolled where they wouldn't be able to see them? That screams negligence on the part of UPS.

When I tearfully filed a claim the investigator spoke to me with a tone that would cause one to think I had done something wrong. I found out from the shipper that the box wasn't insured so UPS will only pay $100 for nearly $400 in missing ribbon. Ist of all, they still didn't have the total number of items missing, the box was thrown around so much EVEN AFTER THE MAJOR DAMAGE HAD BEEN DONE, that all the other ribbon had become unrolled and tangled up together. This only happened because the box was now missing half the contents and had nothing to prevent the items from moving around in the box.

As for the insurance, I wasn't offered insurance by the shipper and I wouldn't have paid it anyway. I think paying insurance on a package containing items that can be replaced if lost, damaged or stolen is extortion by UPS. They are in the shipping business and they have fat price tags. If they choose to employ morons who don't know right from wrong they should face the consequences that result because of it.

When I go out to dinner I don't purchase insurance just in case I get food poisoning. You could die from food poisoning, but UPS expects us to pay them extra to do the job we are paying them to do anyway? They need to take responsibility for their weaknesses and make changes. Stop passing the buck.

If you can't ship my package without having me insure it, why are you in the shipping business? I've actually seen my UPS driver literally bounce one of my boxes off the corner of his bumper, tossing it out of the truck. It contained a Think Server Tower.

How in the *** can someone be so ***, careless and disrespectful of their customers' property and still be think that they are the innocent ones?

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