As it turns out I was a bout to print a slip and my printer broke. So I went to the UPS store Union, NJ.

With the slip on a memory stick, the tracking number, reference number and the very rude lady didn't want to print my slip. She said and I quote "I can"t...". I said what do you mean you can't, You wont print my slip so i can do business with you? She says " I can't...".

I asked if I physically bought a shipment here then would you print my slip? She said yes. So I said my slip is paid for, she said "so go print it out"..

I just walked out... Worst F**kin company in the world.

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So how much were you going to pay the UPS Store? Nothing.

Most businesses won't accommodate your request to NOT pay them and use their facilities lol. You understand how the economy works?

Happy Valley-Goose Bay, Newfoundland And Labrador, Canada #648956

if your package is prepaid, it should arrive at a ups store ready to go...ie taped, label applied etc. ups stores only act as a drop location for prepaid packages, they don't make money on that. while they are required to accept them, they are not required to service them for free.

what she should have done is made you a paying customer by charging you a fee to print your label...something like $2-5 would be reasonable. then possibly educating you on how the system works so you would be less demanding and more understanding.

it appears you are both m0rons.

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