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I brought two packages into my local UPS store in Oak Park, CA for delivery for Christmas to the East Coast to my nieces and nephews. One had a pouch to put the printed delivery slip in and the other did not as I had run out (once before I asked for pouches, they would only give me two).

They were very busy so they told me I can leave it and they would handle it for me. Well, three days go bye and I ask my wife why we have two boxes from the same company we order products from. She did not know so I opened the first one and it was MY package sent back to my house with a note inside saying they looked through receipts to figure out where to send it. I was pissed beyond belief!!

Of course this is Sat night so now I need to wait until Monday morning.

I went in, explained the situation asking for them to pay for the extra shipping to overnight it. They refused saying not their fault. I asked how not their fault when they promised to take care of it??

No answer... I walked out telling them my business is now all going to FedEx...

Monetary Loss: $100.

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