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I was waiting for a package from UPS that was taking way too long to arrive. Online tracking finally showed that the package was at UPS facility awaiting pick-up.

(Unable to deliver because of EMERGENCY beyond their control. When I contacted them they said the emergency was a power outage. I said that I had no power outage. The reply was that UPS had a power outage.

(that was 5 days before) Now their back up but never attempted to deliver. I drove 60+ miles round trip in rush hour because they were never going to deliver it and I had one day to get my package before they returned it to the sender. (Why would I pay them for shipping, if the only way I can get my package is to spend twice that amount in gas to retrieve it myself. The clerk was rude and slow.

I waited in line at the UPS center for about 30 minutes before being waited on by the lone clerk. It took an additional 25 minutes to actually get my package. The clerk could only say "If you have a complaint, call 1-800-PICK-UPS. I had called that number several times without success.

Demand to use USPS not UPS. USPS has never missed a delivery out here in the country. UPS rarely gets it right.

The attached picture shows the UPS lobby after almost an hour, with the clerk still out searching for my package and other patrons just milling around and waiting. Damages include cost of gas and time.

Monetary Loss: $140.

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Richardson, Texas, United States #661918

The problem it appears, is that UPS did not have enough staff, which is surprising, they certainly should be able to afford more employees, as the business page of the newspaper reported that in the first 3 months of this year, UPS had a profit of 1 BILLION dollars ! Yes 1 BILLION in only 3 months profit !

Amazing they would only have 1 employee on staff, it seems a couple more employees would not hurt their profits too much !

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