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I ordered 5 things. 3 to be shipped via UPS, 1 via Fedex, and 1 via USPS. They were all around the same time period, starting January 30th, 1 or 2 days apart more or less. As we all know, there's been that recent winter storm that caused delays in many areas across the states. Fedex and USPS have been absolutely great in terms of delivery; USP is not.

February 2, 2011 was when all of the packages from UPS were supposed to arrive. I paid extra for 2-day shipping. Instead of that, I've only received 1 of the 3 shipments (and that was the last one I ordered, very late in the day). I've also been getting repeated "Out for Delivery" and "Emergency conditions beyond UPS' control" tracking statements one after the other. Not only are their delivery statuses misleading, but the roads have been PERFECTLY clear since that day.

So what's their real excuse? I tried contacting customer support via email and phone and I got were automated replies.

I don't know what this shows -- do they just not care about their customers, or are simply a highly unorganized delivery service?

Based on my Google searches, the probably don't deliver on Saturdays. Which is I have to wait until Monday...

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well its a Tuesday sooo... :/


For those who want to talk to a person with UPS customer service. Call the customer service number 1-800-742-5877(US number) and hit 0 at the menus. It will get you to an agent eventually.


I am also dealing w their ridiculous excuses. I have received the USPS portion of an order from Amazon (and on time!) and have yet to receive my order from UPS.

It is now more than a week late. Their 1-800 number is useless.

All I get is a busy signal. Thanks for nothing, UPS.


I ordered a few things from It was split in 3 shipments.

FedEx part is here. USPS part is here. UPS drivers apparently can't drive in snow so part of my order is "Out for Delivery" and later "Emergency conditions beyond UPS' control". If they had customer service one could speak to I would be happy to meet the driver at the coffee shop or even pick my shipment up at the terminal.

I’m old but I’m not incapacitated by 2 inches of snow. My shipment has been within 15 miles of my home for 5 days but I still don’t have it. I’m very disappointed in the United Parcel “fair weather” delivery service.

Had I known in advance I would only order things in nice weather. Maybe it’s time to replace the shorts with long pants.

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