Twice now in one week, UPS tracking shows they delivered items to my front door. My camera system tells a much different story.

On both deliveries, I show the UPS truck driving by my house just moments away from the so-called delivery time. One of those cams are centered on my driveway and another on my front door. The truck never even slowed down going by my place. I am a home-based business and my clients are the ones to suffer due to their incompetence.

Calling UPS is a complete and utter waste of valuable time. They take no complaints except from the original shipper. From this point forward, I will never purchase any products that are shipped via UPS. If enough people would do the same, perhaps they would change and actually provide customer service.

"We Run The Tightest Ship In The Shipping Business"??? More like the Titanic!

Monetary Loss: $300.

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