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Hi Friends at Ups I've been having problems with a Ups driver who doesn't want to deliver packages to our front door and has become violent, and has put his hands on me twice and i have filled a complaint about 10 times or more. i have emails of the first complaint and videos of him leaving the scene after being told that my wife thru the intercom thats fully functional that she was with with the baby and couldn't come down after just giving birth, and he completely ignored it.

we spoke to the supervisor Jackie witch was very unprofessional about the matter , at first she told me she wanted to figure out what was the problem then before i even finish explaining myself she calls me a liar by telling me that what i was saying is not true when i wasn't even done explaining i am not trying to go after ups just trying to keep criminals like this guy from hurting someone and taking away the services that ups has to offer i mean come on who does this guy think he is thinking he can just make up lies to not deliver my packages to my front door is there a corporate contact that would take this matter serious or do we have to sit around and get bullied by this criminals that are slowly destroying this company ? someone please give me a solution please.

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10+ complaints and no outcome.

Hmm. I guess your complaints have zero foundation. If you dislike a courier for any reason then why do you keep having merchandises sent through it?

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