Plano, Texas
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I live in plano, dallas.. it happened to me everytime if i order any package online if they use UPS..

the delivery wont give you notice on their attempts and they will send the package back to shipper.. I am scared if the delivery service is UPS.. I want to tell the company if they USE UPS I dont want to order online.. because UPS will not deliver and lie they have attempted and dont give any notice and return the package to sender..

highly illegal practice.. i hope and pray they go out of business..or i have to remember if i order online i tell the companies not to use UPS..UPS make customer cry..t hey are the worst humban being companies..fedral goverment should investigate on their business practices

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Delivery Service.

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Have you looked a little further into your situation before you have assumed all of that?

LoL You hope the government investigates them? Really?


"UPS make customer cry..t hey are the worst humban being companies"