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Among many other complaints against this large bodied lazy brain delivery man, today was the worst. My 72 lbs recliners was dropped between my cars in the driveway .

He didnt even bother ringing but I opened the door before he got back into his truck and he was non chalant and didnt give me a chance to complain and left. I had to drag that bulky huge package into the house with the help of my wife. A normal responsible man would leave it at the door step. This particular neanderthal will have a bad day some day if I can catch him before the delivery.Serving our area for the last two years.

I always worry about my amazon products reaching me safe when it comes via UPS. UPS sucks .

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Atlanta, Georgia, United States #838317

Had the Driver left in front of your front door, you would be giping that you weren't able to get out the front door of your house!

Had you bought from a furniture store, they woulda delivered and put it in the house for you.

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