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Today, I was waiting for several packages to be delivered. Around 12:15, I heard the UPS truck pull up. I went to the window, where I have a clear view of the front door of my apartment complex, and watched the driver come to the door, empty handed. I had gotten permission from the landlord to prop our front door open, so the driver could come up to my front door and ring the buzzer or knock on the door. When I saw him downstairs, I went to my front door and opened it. After a few seconds, I didn't hear the sound of anyone coming up the stairs, so I went to the window to see him walking away.

Upset, I called customer service and wanted to enter a complaint, that the driver did not make any attempt to enter the building and knock on the door, even though he had full access to the building.

I was told a supervisor would call. When he called, he immediately was defensive and said that the driver was entirely in the right, as he had rang the intercom buzzer. I explained that the buzzer does not always work, and is why I had left the front door open, for him to come up to the apartment. He then said that the driver did not want to carry the heavy packages up to the door, if no one was home.

I explained that the only effort the driver made, was to leave the info-notice.

At this point, the "Supervisor" sat on the line, not saying a word, then disconnected my call.

Really, nothing was going to change. I would still end up having to drive downtown to pick up my packages, which defeats the purpose of home delivery. But I wanted him to at least acknowledge why I was upset. "I'm sorry sir, I will speak to the driver" Even if he had no intention to! But instead, he chose to argue with me and somehow make it my fault that the driver was too lazy to come knock on the door.

He further went on to say, "Why didn't you run down the stairs to catch the driver?" To which I replied, "Why didn't the driver, come UP the stairs and knock on the door?" Further, even if I had run down the stairs, he was gone before I could have gotten there!

If I had a choice, I would not use UPS to deliver anything and wish that on-line companies did not utilize them. I have no choice in that matter, I would not pick UPS to deliver anything for me, and it amazes me that I am continually punished because most companies use them to deliver their goods.

Needless to say, this doesn't only affect UPS, but I refuse to utilize any company that solely uses UPS to deliver their goods.

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Tampa, Florida, United States #1213810

You must be an ignorant ups driver. Go deliver packages instead of trolling forums.

Tampa, Florida, United States #1213809

Worst delivery service ever.End of day doesn't mean end of day.

It means anytime before 12am. Who delivers packages at 10pm at night???

Get more drivers and stop being so cheap.I'll never use them again.


Is one of the worst service.Two shipments, the first, in the status on the website, the only change was: We left the package in our facility.

This may cause a delay. We will deliver as quickly as possible. / Delivery will be rescheduled.

The second shipment, a Express one, was dropped at a wrong address to an unknown person. The only answer was: We've leaved a note to the driver to go and pick up the package.

So, at driver's discretion, the package was picked up 4 days after the "delivery".

Customer service + 800 line, no solution and seemed that everyone at UPS was emotionally touched by the situation.We'll call you back with updates, and no call were made from anyone of UPS staff.

Seymour, Indiana, United States #943983

I payed extra money to get an order rushed to me and for some reason they can't find my place when they deliver here all the time and know one cares that I'm out the extra to make a long story short I have to go pick it up.


this is a horrible company.

i had some items to be delivered to me but my account was not opened yet.they refused to deliver my times until my account was opened.

i requested to pay not via the account. they refused to do it. why? I don't want to open an account!

the good then stuck at their warehouse for 21 days.

they then released and finally ask me to pay for UK VAT and duty not through the account.

you know what happened next?

they send me an invoice for £1024 for storage fee!took me one months to get a credit notes off them and am still waiting for my refund!


in 2014, I still have same issue with wrong delivery by the truck driver. Called UPS CS and disconnected my calls when I ask for their names. They want me to contact Amazon for the careless delivery that their driver made.

Simi Valley, California, United States #843708

Also avoid the Sylmar California UPS Facility.They're also really bad!I will never use their service ever again.

They're a bunch of liars, I took the day off to receive my package and driver never showed up.


I have had UPS and their bad mannered drivers in chunks too.

Today I sat at home wiing fora parcel, the driver arrived asked if I was the person the item was addressed to then refused to allow me to sign for the package.When UPS were phoned he then said I had refused to sign for the item so he had to sake it back to the depot.

UPS, on a previous occasion said a parcel was,eft with a neighbor when in fact they had not been according to CCTV. The same UPS later claimed the parcel had been delivered. The parcel was never recovered and never returned to the sender either.

UPS hasvbotbto be the worst courier service ever.:(


Ups delivery sucks, and will not even go into how bad customer service is.There web sight said delivery on 1/27/14 by end of day.( false advertisement )

Come to find out that the package was still in N.Y.

I live Baltimore.

When I asked to have the package delivered first thing in the morning was told they did not offer upgrade delivery, even if was there fault.What a poor way to run a business.


if you knew the buzzer didn't work all the time, and you heard and saw the truck, then you should have gone downstairs.For all you knew, someone had closed the door so he couldn't get in.

And anyway, it's ridiculous to expect that he'd climb stairs with a heavy package, not knowing if you'd be home or not, and then if you're not home, he'd have to cart it all the way back down.

He did exactly what he was suppose to do.You didn't.

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