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This happens all the time and I only report this case coz I am infurious about the way they deliver my pacakge this time. They made the first attempt on Thursday afternoon and I wasn't able to get it becoz I needed to work during the day.

The delivery guy left an infonotice on my door marking the 2nd attempt would be made on Friday after 5 pm. So I made my work arrangement to leave early so that I can get back home before 5. I managed to get at home at around 4:50 pm only to see another door tag and after I called the customer service, they told me the attempt has been made at 3;30 pm. I questioned them why they failed to abide by the said delivery time range.

UPS keeps telling me that was an estimate and the actual delivery time is completely based on the driver's free will. I can't believe how absurd their business rule is. If they cannot make a reasonable estimate, they can choose not to. Instead, they made a business promise, and when the customer made his arrangement trying to fit into their schedule, they violated it without any reasonable excuse.

And all the customer service reps said was it's not a reliable estimate. So they want me to convey this message to all the UPS customers including the businesses who still choose this company as their major deliverying vehicle, IF YOU CHOOSE UPS, YOU GOTTA STAY AT HOME ALL DAY ON THE DELIVERY DAY TO RECEIVE YOUR PACKAGE.

IF YOU MAKE MANY ONLINE PURCHASE IN A YEAR AND THEY ALL SHIPS WITH UPS, THEN PLEASE QUIT YOUR JOB!!!!! That statement has been confirmed and agreed upon by the UPS customer service Reps.

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All the Driver can do is make a best guess estimate.

Drivers cannot predict the future as to what time the stops on their route will be delivered.

Guess he should get a new magic 8 ball that is more accurate!

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