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Was told that it was 2 days before Christmas, she was really busy, Ba Humbug to you, the hung up on as I spoke with a person from the Lancaster, PA freight terminal.

I was supposed to recieve a package by 10:30 a.m. yesterday (contact lenses I needed for my vacation trip today). At 6:30 p.m. I call UPS to find out the latest status. They sent an electronic message to the locat station and I recieved the call mentioned above at 6:45 p.m.

The person that called me told me that they could not find my package and that they were really busy so I probably was not going to be my package. I would not take no for an answer, challenged her to check every box in the warehouse and told her that UPS totally screwed my vacation. She again started to tell me how busy she was and I told her that was an issue with planning and not my concern. I then asked to speak to a manager when she gave the response above.

Miraculously, my package was then deliverd to my house 15 minutes later by someone in a private car wearing street close. I guess maybe since I pushed them a little that they did indeed find my package.

I have called the 800 line again, shared my experience and asked for a call from someone in management. My guess is that call will never come.

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So someone who works for UPS used their own car, gas and time to bring you your package and you still want to complain to someone. Wow, @#$% you, you waste of life. Let it go.

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