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I went to go pick up a package for my fiance, as the address was wrong on the package). We had called 3 times regarding the error, and asked 3 times if I would be able to pick it up, because he would be out of town.

Each separate person assured us that it wouldn't be a problem, and one even offered to correct the address in the system. I went there and he asked what I needed, he didn't indicate a problem. He brought the package out and asked for my ID, I gave it to him. He said he couldn't release the package, because the address didn't match.

(Well, DUH! They put the wrong address on it, thats why I'm here!!!) I explained to him that we had called about it and 3 people had said it would be okay and I needed the package because it was time sensitive for a job. He refused. I called customer service again, who told me AGAIN, that it was fine if I picked it up.

He refused and said "You're *just* a customer, a b*tch on a power trip". If you're going to call me that, you'd better believe I'm going to act like one.

I calmly, but very loudly, explained that this was not the way customers like to be treated, and that he would be hearing from us. I filed a formal complaint and will NEVER be using them again.

Review about: Ups Pick Up Service.

Monetary Loss: $1220.

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So you called to verify that you could pick it up, because your fiance was out of town. Then you called a second time, when they already verified this?

And they said OK a second time?

And for whatever reason, you then called a 3rd time to verify the same thing? Sounds like you are embellishing the story, as it makes no sense that anyone would keep calling even though they received the answer they needed.

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