It cannot be stated more emphatically that UPS Customer Service is just plain AWFUL!

What I learned from the UPS customer 800 service center:

1) Drivers can arbitrarily decide not to deliver your package - it's for your own safety - kind of like the government: we're here to help.

2) Local offices cannot be reached by phone only through the fab UPS communication 'system'. (Except they can, we just won't tell you their number.)

3) Someone will call you back in an hour, but if they don't you can call us back and you can wait another hour for them to call you back.

4) Two day delivery is guaranteed in 5 days.

5) It's not our fault: we just have so many packages on the truck that we just can't deliver them all in one day.

6) Customer what? Service? Nah, too much trouble.

I will be signing up for a FedEx account today.

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