Paid extra for 2 day delivery this past Wednesday for a small package from Amazon. Amazon stated would arrive by Friday.

Package has yet to arrive (Saturday) so I called UPS. They stated it was my fault for using 2 day ground instead of 2 day air. Well, 2 days is 2 days if UPS has to delivery the package on a mule train. So use FEDEX and avoid AMAZON as they are perpetuating the problem by stating incorrect delivery times.

Bottom line, I paid for 2 day delivery and now it will not arrive until Monday, which is 5 days total.

Additionally, ever tried to get a live person at Amazon to request a refund for extra delivery charges???

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New London, Minnesota, United States #763867

Well the problem lies in there is no 2nd day ground! And if you ordered on Wednesday through amazon it got shipped out on Thursday!

Ups only delivers next day air on Saturdays, its not a normal business day! Soo maybe *** your gloves and socks and shoes, whatever helps you count! leaves Thursday that means Friday one day, Monday 2nd day!!!! not very hard!!!

what else can we blame ups with? elementary kids could figure that math problem out!!

Rochester, Minnesota, United States #762821

amazon is the merchant you made a contract with. they choose to contract the services of UPS, it may be UPS's screw-up, but its on amazon for guaranteeing 2-day shipping and then contracting a courier who couldn't deliver.

I've been avoiding UPS whenever possible for years. I'm about done with amazon now for this same reason.

Chapel Hill, North Carolina, United States #762189

How exactly is Amazon at fault here? It seems to me that the issue rests with UPS not Amazon.

I have had Amazon Prime for years and have NEVER not had a pkg in the scheduled time frame, in fact I have had the pkg delivered in ONE day on several occasions. I also have NEVER had difficulty getting Amazon on the phone for customer service. My last refund experience?

Wanted to return a dvd, went online to facilitate return/shipping label, received message during process that the return was "on them" there was no need to return item and refund had been processed. So thanks for the advice, but I will continue to use Amazon partially based on the customer service I've received over the years.

Fort Worth, Texas, United States #762169

There is no such thing as 2 day ground.

to Jack Chapel Hill, North Carolina, United States #762186

UPS Ground is 1-5 business days based on location, so technically there very well could be a pkg delivered in two days via this method.

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