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I have a B2B company that occasionally needs to ship something on another company's UPS number. For that, a UPS account number is required. Fed Ex is easier to use, so I normally go with them. Well, it so happens I went 6 months without logging into the UPS account and they automatically deleted my username and password... and six years of valuable addresses in my online "UPS address book." So I called UPS and they said they sent me an email warning of the cancellation. I checked. Sure enough, I did get an HTML email which looks exactly like many fake UPS phishing spam emails I have also received to the same email account. So I thought it was a scam/spam and never dreamed UPS was actually threatening to cancel my account after 6 years unless I simply logged in. You know, as an owner of four companies I stay pretty busy. I don't have time to "log in" just for fun to a UPS account. I created the account, I expect to be there WHEN I NEED IT. Who the *** set this bird-brained policy at UPS? It costs NOTHING to leave a user account in place. There's no maintenance for electrons. And who decided that 6-months would be the arbitrary cut off date which is not even needed in the first place? And this company wants to compete with Fed Ex? Wow. And do they not know by now that phishing scammers copy their exact HTML style?

What really puzzles me is this: with all the advertising they do to attract customers, why on earth would UPS deliberately dismantle their own production lines that feed their business? I can bet however I got the answer: some genius thinks that by forcing people to log in every 6 months, that is going to result in an shipment.

In my case I hereby promise to use FED EX or USPS exclusively and only use UPS and their stumblebum system as a last resort.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Account.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

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So you were to busy to log in, but you have time to complain that you didn't bother to read the email notice?

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