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Yesterday on November 20, 2019 a UPS driver entered onto my road, mentioned below, from crest Hill Avenue and from my backyard I could hear his engine barreling down the road. Because there is a school at the end of this road and we have a lot of children that live in our neighborhood, and with it also being that school is out for summer vacation there are plenty of children playing up and down my road and all through my neighborhood.

I was able to get in my car and pull it behind him and I took a picture of his tag number, mentioned below,WRX085 Fulton county registration expires November 2019. The time was 5:29 PM My street name is-Old Montgomery Rd. Savannah, GA 31406. Oh then was approached by the driver who said may I help u?

I spoke and said, this neighborhood is full of children, how fast do you think you were going? Instead of responding apologetically he gave me attitude and yelled saying he was going 35 miles an hour, that the speed limit is 35 miles an hour. Wrong. The speed limit is 25 mph.

I wasted my time it being after 5 o’clock and attempted to make a call realizing I have a better chance, wrong, the following day on May 21. After being on hold during one call and salve or other attempts to get through I had waited 42 minutes on hold, and about at this point, 6 wasted phone calls. Probably about an hour and a half of my time altogether, but wait, I have more to ment probably about an hour and a half of my time altogether, but I’m still not done with this story. Frustrated I decided to make another attempt, I got through to the US Postal Service police department they put me on hold for about seven minutes, then came back and hung up on me never really said anything.

Now I’d like to say early on I had not wanted to complain and get anybody fired and I even mention to NEIGHBOR that maybe I’ll just call and say that I had a conversation with him and that he was thinking it was 35 miles an hour and I wanted to inform him that it was 25 mph on my road. So by this point I’m so mad I don’t care, but I still really don’t want to have to you know possibly getting buddy fired he might have a pet, I love animals I mean yeah he might have kids too. What makes me mad is he gave me attitude so, how worried is he but he thinks he was in the right because he’s confused about the speed limit. I make another attempt I get through to a human being this time following the prompts to speak with someone for the US Postal Service Police Department, keep in mind I still don’t want to report this guy because I’m worried he get fired and I don’t need that ripple effect on me.

But what if a kid gets ran over in my neighborhood by the big brown truck that’s a ripple effect… So I get through to this female I start telling her the situation as I am speaking until her the story I say can you tell the frustration in my voice I’m very angry, why don’t you have an option in your automated system to report drivers for speeding, she didn’t answer. Then she says I’ll have to call the attorney general or?? Somebody. I respond back are you dreaming I just told you I’m extremely frustrated I’m not about to make a single phone call and waste another minute of my time, you could have somebody call me or here’s my email address the whole time she speaking over me, very rude very unprofessional.

I get a little upset and my voice getting louder Because I want to be heard and she speaking over me, before she hung up on me I was able to say if you don’t care about getting this information and having someone call me, I will be a witness when that UPS driver runs some kid over, so to the comments are up above, exactly UPS does not care. Maybe they will when they get their pants suit off by the parents of some child who gets run down by the big brown truck. It’s pathetic. I feel that someone should be made a sample of because no one does 25 miles an hour up and down my road many times it’s 100 miles an hour, I don’t know how it’s gone so long with no one being killed.

There have been accidents in the past. The police are absolutely pathetic they don’t want to do their job there is a police precinct right at the end of my road.

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