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I shipped out a package via Next Day Air on 2/11 and it wasn't delivered until over a week later. When I realized on 2/12 that it wasn't going to be delivered that day, I called to figure out an alternative.

I offered to pick it up at the facility and hand deliver it for them, but was told it was a security risk. The recipient offered to go pick it up and she was told that she couldn't until they made the first attempted delivery, and they didn't know when that would be. Each time I inquired about the status of the package, and if/when it would be delivered, I was fed excuses about the weather. I was even told that they weren't making deliveries in that area due to adverse conditions – and I knew it wasn't true because the recipient received a package shipped via Ground on that Monday!

I filed a complaint with the BBB and UPS' response was a very generic canned response about the weather and that there was adverse weather conditions during the week of 2/13. This wasn't true! The blizzard we had happened about a week prior to me shipping out the package and a UPS spokesperson (in a Washington Post article) said that services were only shut down on 2/10, and that they were back up and running on the 11th – the day I shipped out the package. My rebuttal was about how disappointed I was in their response, and pointed out that the adverse conditions they mentioned happened a week prior (so no excuse), and that if they couldn't deliver when promised, then they shouldn't accept those types of packages (along with the hefty payments to ship them!).

I would have been happy with a sincere apology, and even if the package was delivered a few days late, I would have even accepted that! Taking over a week to deliver a Next Day Air package is beyond reasonable.

Unfortunately, I received their rather snarky rebuttal today that basically said I wasn't lied to (not true), and that it looks like we won't see eye to eye on this one. Talk about *** customer service!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Delivery Service.

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