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Well, UPS has done it again with yet another company from which I have ordered an item. UPS delivered my item to the post office.

Yep, each time I have had this happen (3 times so far. You'd think I would learn.), I have been informed that my item will be shipped by UPS to my home addres. I double and triple verify this before making the purchase. Each time I have tracked the shipment it has landed at the post office less than 1 mile from my home.

UPS does not tell anyone that they decide what parcels under 10lbs will be sent to the post office. The parcels just end up there. So, after being tossed between JC Penney, who by the way is savvy to the UPS antics, and UPS who read me thier standard "it is the contract", I am now the consumer caught in the middle. WITHOUT A KISS!

Sadly, I will not order anything ever again that is to be shipped by UPS. I am tired of this and now have no item to show for my payment. And, get this. There is no way that I can file a complaint with UPS!

Imagine that!

They can screw up all the shipping that they want and never have to hear from a customer! Even their Customer Service Reps tell me that there is no way to register a complaint. So my final revenge is to talk to the company that I work for and request that they not renew their contract with UPS and negotiate a contract with a different shipping company.

I know that nothing is perfect in the shipping world, but there have to be better companies than UPS! Never again...never again...

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Dear Ohio Concerned Consumer:

I personally work for JCPenney in Customer Service and can tell you that you are not the only person that has had these troubles. UPS Basic is a newer shipping method that UPS is using. This method of delivery is used for packages under a certain size and weight.

While MOST packages are delivered by your postal carrier within three business days, occassionaly problems do occur. If your order has not arrived, please call JCPenney Customer Service. Let them know your order was sent via UPS Basic and that USPS has not delivered it. The representative will be able to assist you further.

I hope this helps! :~)



Are you even paying attention to what is people are trying to tell you? Yes your package was sent UPS. UPS BASIC is a service that Many companies such a JCpenny use because it is the cheapest shipping option possible. Yes, maybe they did misinform you, but it is not a problem caused by UPS. All I am saying is that they did not misdeliver your package.

The same thing happened to my wife, she thought UPS would deliver it. When it arrived though, I noticed the label had a double barcode, one for UPS and one for USPS.


Ohio Concerned Consumer you should go read Glenh complaint on the UPS Store board before you take any advice from him.


Hey Ohio Concerned Consumer....if you complain about UPS on this site, most of the replies you get will be from UPS store franchise owners who hate people who complain about UPS...all ups complaint links have most of the same people dogging you, and the ones with new names are the same people who make another account. I agree with you, UPS sucks as do the people on here who side with them when you are the customer....where is the old "the customer is always right"....long gone when it comes to UPS. I found a ton of other sites to complain about UPS that are not monitored by UPS goons....Google them and post complaints there.


LOL. t and John S.

JCP has customer service reps specifically dedicated to the shipping problems associated with UPS.

When the JCP CSR can read to me from their contract, I'd say they know what they are talking about. Do you two work for UPS?


The company you ordered from used the cheapest method of shipping via ups basic service whereby the packages get delivered to the post office. Complain to the company you purchase from.


So you're angry with UPS because the company you ordered from uses UPS Basic, which is basically a UPS/USPS hybrid service. The operator was right, it is the contract.

It's what the company requested UPS to do. Your frustration is completely misplaced.

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