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i live in my mom's house..she goes ballistic when i get packages..worked out scenario with usps and fedex..but UPS..FORGETABOUTIT!have called 50 times in the last 9 years begging drivers not to knock..not to ring bell..please park on side of house..only 1 driver co-operated!!

no way of contacting the drivers..tell them after another violent fight with my mom...happens again and again!! these are not diamonds/valueables! why can't UPS please do what i ask?? please give the customer a time line..a heads up so i can head them off..asked them not to knock..ring..park in front..they ignore me!!

this is not fair!! my neighbours are fearful and will NOT TAKE THE PACKAGES AT THEIR RESIDENCES because they are fearful!!

..why can't the drivers please be considerate..i am expecting package never arrived..up and down the stairs..outside like a lunatic looking for them..get nothing from them but attitude!!had 1 driver frank here in elmont ny who was WONDERFUL..CARING..CONSIDERATE..why can't they all be like that??

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New York, New York, United States #760275

Typical.Just stop using the computer and stay in the kitchen.

Your soccer mommy would thank you for it.:zzz :grin


HAHAHA! Someone have a "mom issue"..

Okay, let me help you out because I'm a kind person.

1. Drivers don't have company phones, why would they use their own minutes to call your sorry @ss?

2. If you don't want your mom to know about your packages, pick them up at your local UPS facility.

3. Buy your mom something nice this Christmas so you can fix your issue with her.

to Alex ***off #759830

:zzz i do not have a car..and they do have cell phones imbecile!!

Chantilly, Virginia, United States #759777

"outside like a lunatic" - you nailed it! I think you and mommy need to work things out between you and leave the carriers out of it. It is probably because of you that the neighbors are "fearful" You sound like a Jeffrey Dahmer in the making!

to MikeBrady #759906

*** you inbred shitface

to shewhoshops #759908

You are so nice how could anybody have a problem with you? Are you diddling mom and now ashamed that we figured it out?

to MikeBrady #759916

if people were not such *** insulting people instead of offering help i would not have to answer you or anyone else back...go *** yourself miniatures and charity work are always rewarding

to MikeBrady #759919

mike u r an inbred loser!

to shewhoshops #759911

You will be pleased to know that I have changed my vote from BS to funny.This is hysterical.

You can't make this stuff up!Thanks for the laughs.

to shewhoshops Houston, Texas, United States #759930

Thats MR. Inbred Shitface to you.

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