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The packages sent from Florida to the wrong address in Tennessee.....just 2 houses up the street. A person/relative of theirs came to that house and called UPS and asked them to return them.

UPS picked up packages and sent to hub for return to Florida. I called them and they first told me I called to have them sent back. When I told them I never called they said that it didn't matter it was too late. I explained there were medications involve, and even worse, safety issues due to domestic violence if they were sent back.

Worse...... I was told that if I had called a few minutes earlier it might have made a difference.......after I was kept on hold 25 minutes waiting for the superviser!!!! Inaddition, it says on the tracking that UPS tried to ascertain the whereabouts of the named individual.....I live two houses down, am well known in the area. And there is a shipper's phone number on the package.

What the *** did they do???? UPS NEVER AGAIN.

And if something happens to the package or party involved you will be held liable. And will likely be sued anyway!

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1000 lawyers at the bottom of the ocean?

A good start.



oh gee all those mean words, waaah...

honey, you are most definitely not any type of attorney. the only place you've worked in a courthouse is under a judge's robes, assuming you found a judge desperate enough.

please do try to form a torte on this matter though, you'll have lot's of fun trying anyway. hysterical.

speaking of hysterical, you seem to let emotion cloud everything you say and do, so it's not likely just a "monthly" situation. you may want to get those meds afterall.


Your mindless words are impressive. Get your facts straight. What do you know about contracts? You want to quote the UCC to me? Look it up ***. When you don't know what you are talking about, fall back on insults. It makes you feel important. lol

Like we always can never argue with an ***; so don't even try. So you don't deserve any more of my time. I have much more important and educated people to speak to today. I will take up my issues with those that graduated High School....your supervisors!

With your GED I'm sure you've been quite successful. I likely make more in a month than you make in a year; which also likely coincides respectfully with the disparity in IQ as well.

When you come down from your afternoon blunt and killing more brain cells I am sure you might have a better chance to understand all that has been said. And that explains the reason UPS screws up and damages so many packages as well. You represent them well.


ever hear of the words agreement or contract? ups has a series of them that all shippers (ups customers) are required to sign before ups will carry their products.

these are referred to as the shipper's terms and tariffs. i can wait, please, feel free to look it up, doll. i'm sure all the confusing language will hurt your overhairsprayed melon but in effect, the carrier's limitations do not extend to you, the receiver, and merely cover the original shipper up to the cost of shipping. please, feel free to look it up.

so there you go, your wild claims are baseless and your emotional tirades laughable.

trial attorney?

hahhahaha, ok. i'm sure you are terribly successful, with $200 piece of paper you bought at that online diploma mill, er, 'university.' good luck with that, esquire.


I was told by someone that has worked for UPS for a long time that they could have done something about it!

And as far as meds....they were not mine....and people with medical problems do have to have medications! Thank God if you don't.

Let me add, that I know your mom is proud that you passed your GED and got a job at UPS; but as far as hiring a lawyer, I am a civil trial lawyer for a big multi-state firm. And I spend everyday dealing with liability because of business policies!!!


emotions are strong with you, remove emotion and succeed you will.

once a package is in the return shipping pipeline, it can't be rerouted. seems silly but only outbound parcels can be intercepted.

sounds an error on the part of up but who knows how the package was addressed, maybe the shipper screwed up? in any event, ups won't be liable, you can waste your money hiring a lawyer but their terms and tariffs are quite clear to limit any liability.

your best solution (instead of wasting time here complaining) the shipper, tell them what happened, have more meds sent overnight (to the correct address).

is life always this difficult for you? no wonder you need meds.

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