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I was supposed to be receiving a package ordered to be received by express delivery via a well know onliine site. The vendor sent the address by UPS.

Package did not arrive on days expected (partner was in all day).

No calling card was left and the door bell was not rung. Went to look at tracking. Apparently I had given the wrong address (not true). Phoned to ask for re-delivery.

Apparently the driver could not find my road (don't they have an A-Z, and the drivers don't use Sat Nav. Am I being Buls**tted?

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Delivery Service.

Monetary Loss: $6.

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The next time you call in, ask the Center representative to ask the DPS Supervisor to have his OPLD clerks update your exact address.


Ups adds a bar code sticker onto your package.

On this sticker you will see a series of BOLD LETTERS AND NUMBERS such as 42A-5207,the first part is the truck route number you will also see the address that they entered to put it on this truck.If the Street name does not exactly match your street name, they entered it incorrectly. You can tell if UPS misrouted the package if there are 2 stickers.

Peel the top sticker off carefully and you will find the truck route they first put your package on.

They will have also restickered your address, peel this off and you will be able to tell how the package was originally labeled. My quess is you will find the correct address, and that they put it on the wrong route truck.


I have similar problem. What I have discovered is that my street name is not being typed into the computer correctly to get my packages on the correct route truck.

I live on Hill Estates Drive, which runs off of Hill Road.

The dispatch office types in Hill for the street name which puts my packages on truck 42B, instead of Hill Estates Which is Truck 42A.

When the driver in truck 42B can't find the street on his route he returns it to the warehouse and types in Address correction needed. This is as if you did something wrong, instead of UPS admitting they mistyped the address, put it on the wrong truck, and you get a late delivery. I complained so much I obtained the phone number for the dispatch office directly so that when I track my packes if I see a wrong address message appear, I can call promptly to still get a delivery the same day.

I should not have to do any of this, but at leas I know what the problem is. Hope this helps.

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