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On Monday, July 28 2014 at approximately 9:30 am, I was on Jones Branch Dr. in McLean VA at a stop light to make a right onto International Drive.

This is a large intersection with THREE right hand turn lanes. Drivers can only make right hand turns on red when they are in the far right lane, drivers in the other two lanes have to wait until the light turns green. I was in the middle lane. A UPS truck is behind me and begins aggressively laying on his horn.

Finally, I gave in and made an illegal right hand turn to get him away from me. He pulled into the lane next to me at the next stop light (an exit lane for Rt. 267 West Bound) and he looked at me, clapped at me, mouthed "good job" and gave me the finger. I followed him onto the Toll Road, where he nearly side-swiped a blue Toyota Highlander.

This was a middle-aged white driver. License plate number was VA 34-116

  • VA 34-116
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Orlando, Florida, United States #847467

You could just have sat there. So he's laying on the horn, who cares?

Let him. Unless he pushed your car with his truck he didn't force you to make an illegal turn, he was just being a ***.

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