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300 lb box delivered to my apartment door by a UPS driver on January 8, 2017. When I opened the door my dog ran into hallway and as I was trying to get him out of the UPS drivers way, the driver unloaded box in hallway and walked away....nothing said.

When I got my dog back into my apartment, i called to the driver to ask if he could help me get the box inside my door. He immediately became confrontational and aggressive, got in my face and said it wasn't his job and he didn't have time for this. He also said it was a 2 person job as it was a 300lb box. I replied "how do you expect me to move it in by myself, I am smaller than you" (note he had a trolley and I did not).

He immediately began flapping his arms in my face and said, I could have said something earlier....I replied, "you didn't say anything either". Note at the beginning of this situation, I was distracted by my dog getting in his way. He picked up the box, pushed past me, dropped the box inside my door. I told him I was contacting his boss to file a complaint.

He said "go ahead"! We exchanged a few other words, I closed and locked my door. I could hear him yelling down the hallway at me, but couldn't make out what he was saying. I have now made 2 calls to UPS to speak with his Supervisor.

I expect a call back today, otherwise I will be escalating this above his Supervisor. This behavior is inexcusable, and an apology from customer service when I called is not good enough, nor is a 'talking too' that i was told the driver received! This person needs to be fired, or other poor customers will be treated this way.

If something is not done immediately, I will be ensuring I get the word out to others who use UPS!! I am very angry!!

Review about: Ups Vehicle Driver.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

I didn't like: Delivery drop, Slack of communication, Delivering, Customer service attitude.

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Still no call from UPS Supervisor! surprise, surprise....this is a company with no integrity, no loyalty to customers who keep them in business...or is it that the supervisor has no balls?

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