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I live on a military base housing area. I had some buddies that just got some muscle cars after a deployment and would come to my house and work on them in my garage. They would have ordered parts come to my house due to the dreadful amount of time that the military mail system takes.

4 or 5 times they had placed orders they would either just place the item at my door and leave, or if they were being nice ring the doorbell and go away. I confirmed with my buddies that they asked for an adult's signature.

Then one day I came home and found a very small box at my door, it was obviously a cell phone sent from verizon. I'm a nice guy and I worried there is someone out there that is in need of this phone and won't get it for a longer period of time due to some lazy truck driver. So I called UPS via the 1800 number and they patched me to the local office...

I told the lady about the previous packages and this one and my concern that something of sentimental value can't be replaced with cash. She told me it was a drop and release area because of it being military housing... which I know for a fact that there are plenty of people in the military cause it was that or go to jail. So I tell her that people lie and say they never got it so they can get stuff for free by scamming. She was still stuck on the drop and release thing.

So after the conversation grew to small swear words I finally broke down and told her "WELL, FINE.... NEXT TIME I SEE SOMETHING AT MY DOOR NOT SIGNED FOR... I'M GONNA PULL IT INSIDE, CALL YOU AND TELL YOU I NEVER GOT IT SO YOU CAN SEND ME A NEW ONE!!!"... She got real pissed and said..... "Really? WELL YOU AND EVERYONE IN YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD IS GOING TO HAVE TO SIGN EVERY TIME..." "Thanks, Ma'am... that's all I've been asking for... thanks"

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the sender decides whether or not to require a signature upon delivery, not you, since they're the ones paying extra for it.

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