Forest City, Pennsylvania

I too shipped a package to our daughter and son in law in Lubbock Tx. I calculated the dimensions, went to UPS' web site and printed off a label.

The total shipping came to $32.30 which I charged to my Amex card. When I checked my card and got the charges, UPS added an additional $16.47. At first I did not recognize the charge because the tracking and reference #'s were non UPS standard. After searching the internet and stumbling on this blog, I realized this additional charge came from UPS.

I contacted them and they told me my package had been randomly selected for audit and that the measurements I declared when I printed the shipping label were incorrect and that the size of the package demanded a higher shipping charge. I asked what the dimensions were that they calculated in their audit and it turns out I was 1" different in my measurement to theirs. So they charged my card 50% more. I questioned this and got the entire $16.47 credited.

I was also "scolded" by the rep who proceeded to explain their atomic calculation for packages and dimensions and weights which the average person would have a hard time understanding. I suggested to the rep that UPS is opening themselves up for a law suit by arbitrarily charging people's cards after the fact. This did not seem to matter. My suggestion to everyone......

check UPS charges carefully. My charges came from UPS ADD CHARGES-US.

If you see something odd that you did not authorize, challenge the company. Don't just accept it.

  • Bogus UPS charge
  • UPS package audit
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Newark, New Jersey, United States #769785

So you tried to cheat the system and steal from ups, when you got caught ups billed for the correct amount and you respond by crying and throwing a tantrum. Ups is kind enough to forego the correct amount and you respond to that kindness by complaining on the internet.

I guess no good deed goes unpunished.

Way to be accountable for being a thief.

to youre a thief then Portland, Oregon, United States #769940
Anonymous: You MUST work for UPS, who has gone so far downhill it's unbelievable. And 50% more for a measly 1" difference?

Get a friggin' LIFE. :cry
to Anna Rexia Newark, New Jersey, United States #769989

Try using for the term "dimensional weight" then go to any carrier's website and search for the same term. Notice that all carriers have a dimensional weight component to pricing? Nifty, right? Yes...ALL CARRIERS. Yes, 1 inch can make a difference, there has to be a cutoff somewhere, just like your home scale wont go past 250, more than that, like you, it stops using that scale.

If you cant manage to figure out the complex maths and numbers thingies, feel free to guess what the price will be, and pay the difference when you get caught cheating.

Oy my gosh, thieves blaming their victims, now ive seen it all.

to google is your friend Smyrna, Tennessee, United States #912033

I just got my second Audited Dimensions charge and I double checked the measurements this time . I think its time I quit using UPS. This smells like a scam to me.

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