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I have called atleast three departments of UPS so I can pay for the shipment and no one seems to take responsibility. have been directed to the same depts twice and to add to this accounts receivables of UPS was extremely rude and hung up on me the first time and the second time as well she was rude and could not help me.

I have all the names of the people. I am never going to use UPS ever.

Imagine I want to pay the bill and they cant help me! i would like to spread the word about how disorganised UPS is.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Account.

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This is UPS billing dept for INTERNATIONAL CHARGES ONLY. They will try to tell you that they are with regular UPS billing and that they couldn't charge your card and that they may "Interrupt" your service.

This is just a ploy to get you to call them back. If you shipped a package internationally and that package was returned, then they sent you a separate bill for "Brokerage" fees, and you probably didn't pay it. That was the case with me and I can tell you "I ABSOLUTELY REFUSE TO PAY FOR A BROKERAGE FEE FOR AN ITEM SHIPPED BACK TO ME. This money goes right into the pockets of UPS.

They can go jump in the lake! SHIPPERS UNITE!!


I've just had a similar experience with UPS. CC expired and service suspended.

Used MyUPS, entered new CC info and payment didn't show until 48 hours later, even though according to my online banking page the transfer was initiated immediately. Paid in full now packages piled up ready to go and still couldn't process shipments. Another call to the rudest and most disorganized accounts and customer service around only to be told yes you are good to go except it will be 24 - 48 hours before you can resume shipping. Switching to FedEx today.

At this point I don't know why we were loyal to UPS in the first place.


I can't even get anyone to pick up the phone at UPS accounts receivable. I've made innumerable calls to the 800-477-7080 given to me by UPS billing and it just goes nowhere.

We never received an invoice and we simply dumped into collections. Billing wants to know our invoice number (which we don't have) and says they can't help us and keeps giving us this useless accounts receivable number.

Very lousy service indeed.


I spoke to accounts receivable AGAIN. Boy are they rude.

No explanation for how badly UPS runs this aspect of their business.

They "allowed" me to pay up the invoice that had not gone through months ago when my bank re-issued all its credit cards (National City was bought by PNC). Accounts receivable at UPS should be ashamed, but I assure you they are not.


Treated like a ping pong ball! I was notified that UPS had suspended my account: my CC had changed to a new exp.

date, which I notified them of... Apparently someone dropped the ball. Instead of telling me of the deficiency in billing info, they cancelled my account, and stopped daily pickup without the courtesy of a call or email. So I called UPS, and was referred to Accounts Receivable.

But it was after 630 PM so no answer... Called the next day...They listened to my story and told me to call another number - the main UPS #. I spoke to another agent, who told me to call Accounts Receivable. Back and forth: utter incompetence.

Meanwhile my account is suspended despite my having updated the information for them on line.

UPS simply does not care. What a poor business model.


We frequently order from the US and they often send via UPS, generating subsequent charges for duties and brokerage services. This is fine and convenient


They sent us to a collection agency rather than give us a call about a missing payment. When I produced a copy of the cheque paid in due time, no-one would return my calls either at UPS or the Collection agency.

Very Poor Customer service.



Wow - I'm sorry to read about the problems you're having with UPS. My name is Debbie Curtis-Magley and I work with UPS Public Relations. I'd like to offer some help.

Please send me your UPS account number and your contact details to


Debbie Curtis-Magley