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Access point service that UPS offers for packages is a terrible idea and bad customer service. My Christmas gifts were delayed because of this.

They left a note for me that I had to go pick them at the access point because I was not home when they came. They only came once. They left some gifts at my door and others were taken to the access point so drivers are not consistent. I called customer service and complained, advised I am not interested in this service.

I order packages from Amazon and I have never lost any package. I want them to leave it at my door. This service is not convenient for us as customers. We order from Amazon because we can get the package in 2 days.

We want it in 2 days not an extra day as that is what it takes to pick up from access point. Therefore, I am so upset. This weekend was my daughters 6yr old birthday. I ordered gifts for her from Amazon to be delivered on Friday.

Her party was Saturday. UPS came, missed me because I was at work & left the note to go pick up at the access point. So, I go on Saturday morning and I am told it will not be there until Monday (next business day). How upset did that make me?

You can guess, I spent the next 2 hours of my time that I should have been preparing my daughters party with UPS reps and Amazon reps. I had no gift. Again, I say, it is not convenient. Nobody asked me if I wanted this service.

I want my package in 2 days and that is why I pay Prime membership with Amazon to get my package. I do not want to run around town looking for my package.

Please review that system as it will take your company down. You are not gaining any competitive advantage with that terrible customer service.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Standard Delivery Service.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

Preferred solution: Leave my package at my order unless I request otherwise.

UPS Cons: Inconvenient and deceitful statement status, Upsmailinnovation dont communicate to seller or buyer.

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You know when your daughter's birthday is, why wait until the last minute to order her gift?????