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ast week I ordered a Valentines Day gift for my wife second day air, to be delivered Friday, the 12th of February. I tracked it's progress across to the Baltimore area and was thrilled to see that it was scanned "Out for delivery" bright and early Friday morning. I don't think I have to explain my confusion when I arrived home that night and the package was nowhere to be found. Confused I pulled up the package's history. At around noon that Friday it was designated an "exception" and "Delivery appointment scheduled". What? Huh? I call the UPS customer service number to find out what all this meant and what was going on. I was on hold. For an hour. I wish I was exaggerating. That's an hour of my life I'll never have back. I finally got to speak to "Pat" who although was a little short (I hesitate to use rude, but she was certainly pushing it) assured me that "bottom line" my package would be there Saturday.

Okay. Fine. We had a bit of bad weather this week (Wednesday was brutal, but by Thursday anything resembling a major road was back open in the BWI metro area) so I can certainly appreciate that there might be slow down. Saturday I went off to work looking forward to surprising my wife that night with her gift.

I think you can guess what happened. No package Saturday, either. I called customer service again and spoke to "Chris" (after only a 45 minute wait this time), asking what was going on and explaining that I had been promised the package would arrive that day. He was shocked that I had been given that information, saying that the item would be delayed until Monday. Annoyed, I asked to speak to his supervisor. "Jacob" got on the phone, and told me much of the same information. Packages delayed, bad weather, etc. But it would be there Monday. Very annoyed, but accepting there was nothing that Chris, Jacob, or I could do about it I hung up and groveled like a good husband. The gift would still be there Monday, right?

Wrong. Monday is here, and there is no package. But that isn't even the best part. I called customer service AGAIN and spoke to "Beth" (only about ten minutes on hold this time...not bad, really). I told Beth the whole story, and that I wanted to speak to someone who knew where the heck my package was, and what was going on. She told me she was sending a "priority message" to the distribution center, and promised that I would hear back from someone within the hour. That was four hours ago. My cell phone lies dormant on its charger. After waiting ninety minutes I called the customer service center yet again (I'm considering adding you folks to my speed dial list). I immediately asked to be connected to supervisor, and spoke to someone whose name I couldn't catch (my phone chose the wrong moment to crackle). I ran down (again) what was going on and expressed my sincere desire to know where in the world my package was, and when I could expect it. She could only tell me what was already available on my computer screen, but offered to have the distribution center call me. I explained that, as I had already said, there was already a message for them to call me so that was an unacceptable resolution. As she clearly wasn't sure what to do I reminded her that I had been given bad information twice, had already had a promise broken, and was willing to hold as long as needed until she could find someone who could make all this right and get me my package tomorrow morning before I had to be at work. I was put on hold for a few minutes and "Andrea" picked up the line, identifying herself as a supervisor.

Wait. What? Wasn't I already speaking to a supervisor? "Well you're speaking to a supervisor now, how can I help you?" Great. So all that time spent with "Beth" was a waste. Soldiering on in the hope that Andrea could fix this, I explained the events of the past couple days. Yet again (I think I'm going to hire the kid across the street to memorize it all for when I have to call again in a day or two). I was politely but firmly told that there was no more information to give beyond what I already had. Again I explained that I was perfectly willing to wait until she could find someone to make this right. I was on hold for another ten minutes or so (to her credit, she did check in now and again to let me know she was working on the issue) while she called the distribution center herself. Eventually she got back to me, saying that the distribution center told her that it would be delivered Wednesday but the truck that my package was on wasn't even unloaded yet so they had no idea when it would go out.

Again. Wait...what? Is it arriving Wednesday or a date to be named later? Why was it designated "out for delivery" if it hadn't even been unloaded yet? Andrea couldn't answer these questions. Fine. I asked for the name and phone number of her manager, so I could discuss the situation with him or her. And by situation I mean given bad information twice (with no apology for any of it, by the by), not being called as promised, asking to be connected with a supervisor and just being connected to another call center rep, and, well, and explanation as to why after a couple days of bad snow it was apparently going to take SIX days to unload a truck of priority air shipments.

Andrea refused to give me that information. Exasperated I said that was fine, but I would expect a call tomorrow morning no later than 10:00 am. That was impossible, I was told. No manager gets in until the afternoon. This was a night crew that I was speaking to. Okay, fine. I'll speak with the morning manager there. It doesn't make any real difference I don't think. That was impossible, there wasn't any. Really, Andrea? Nowhere in the company there wasn't someone who could call me on my time to try and make all this right (or at least hear me out)? Somehow, for some reason, I find this truly hard to believe. And you'll forgive me if, after the experience I had tonight, I'm not holding my breath waiting for that call tomorrow. I'll be floored if I do get it.

So I have to ask you fine folks a question. After all this would you blame anyone for never shipping anything via UPS ever again, never having a product shipped to you via UPS ever again, or saying a good word about UPS to anyone ever again? I think most rational people wouldn't hesitate to say "No".

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That 'Out For Delivery' scan can be a REAL pain. But let me break it down for you. If you have a pkg delivered again by ups ask the agent if that out for delivery scan 'physical' or 'derived'. Physical scan means it was scanned by hand individually and Derived means the truck/trailer/plane that it's on was scanned and every package that's SUPPOSED to be on that truck that's going to that particular hub is automatically covered. Obviously it'll take TOO *** long if EVERY package was scanned!

They did change their policy on 'sending messages' to Package Centers... They USED to be able to send messages as long as there was an OFD (out for delivery) scan. But now since package centers called corporate and bitched about it. They will be in trouble and i mean their JOB will be on the line if they sent a message before. ***, right?

When you speak to a supervisor, don't let them tell you that they can not call the package center. They CAN log into another system and call. It just depends who wants to push the button that day. Grant it they could get a complaint filed by the package center if the call was NOT related to meds.. and that's about it. Not all package centers have phone numbers that can be dialed from say, your home or cell phone. It's all internal. Usually looking something like this "5-633-4353" but say you live in NYC you can just dial 212.633.4353.

Also, if you're calling during 'peak season'.. Valentines, Christmas, Thanksgiving. The supervisor that you speak to, might be an agent. Not just any agent, one with high 'Quality' scores but they're Log in ID is restricted and can not pull up numbers for the pkg centers, etc. I know full well how the system works and that's why I either buy it myself or when I have to call UPS.. They can not pull the wool over my eyes! By the way, if you're talking to an agent that's NOT in Salt Lake City or Atlanta, they aren't really employed by UPS.

The rest are clients and UPS pays that company to handle their call volume.

One more thing, even if the package centers are opened until 9 or 10 for customer pickup or Same Day Will Call, if there is a message sent there AFTER 7pm you WILL have to wait until the next business day for a call back. The internal net for UPS has a cutoff and even by sending the message after that time, there will be a pop-up that tells the agent the time and automatically sets that call back time for the next morning prior to 10am the next business day. If there's anything else anyone needs to know. I'll help. By the way, I was fired due to lack of empathy. I said 'I apologize' when i was supposed to say 'I'm sorry'. I helped EVERYONE I could talk to because I knew we had *** agents in our building and across our network. But this gentleman I could not help. The package was in transit. I even explained that it's not logical for us to find the truck on the highway, unload it, find his package out of the 10,000 that was on the western-double, go to an airport that might have a ups plane nearby (that also has packages on it), and get it to him in the next 4 hours. He was very upset and I felt his aggravation but what could I do? He paid for ground. At least your situation is worth being pissed. Have a nice day.

Winterset, Iowa, United States #116305

One thing you need to realize when you compare UPS, FEDEX and the USPS is that you are comparing apples to oranges to a certain degree and apples and oranges to bananas to another degree. While UPS and FEDEX are on a similar playing field, the USPS is not.

UPS moves an average of 15.1 million packages a day. FEDEX moves an average of 3.1 million packages a day. The USPS does not break their counts down, but they move 667 million pieces of mail a day, with the majority of those being letters. Therefore, you cannot fairly judge the service that FEDEX and UPS provide against that of the USPS.

Another thing you need to realize that affects all services is the weather conditions, not only where you live, but all across the country and the world. Just because the weather is nice where you are, does not mean that it is everywhere. All three services continue to take in packages daily, even though the flow of delivery may be hampered in other locations.

Let's say that in the north east alone, and this is just an estimate, that area gets on average of 750 k packages a day. If UPS can't deliver due to the weather for two days, their backlog will grow to 2.25 million packages. None of the delivery services have the infrastructure built in to be able to ramp up operations to cover such a backlog. That and DOT hours worked restrictions will not let them work unlimited overtime to get caught up.

Is it UPSs fault that they have the larger share of the package volume?? Absolutely, that is what they are in business for. Would FEDEX like to reverse the roles?? Absolutely, FEDEX would like to have that share of the business. And if they did, you would be complaining that FEDEX can’t deliver while UPS and the USPS are.

I can’t address their customer service issues as I run into the same problems with them as well as FEDEX and USPS. I would say this; our society on a whole has the instant gratification mentality. No matter what it is, we want it now and won’t take no for an answer.


Well BMore you have gotten farther than I have. I am on the phone with them right now and requesting to pick up my package as directed.

Guess what I was misinformed by a supervisor, go figure. Now I'm instructed to call tomorrow morning at 7! GO FIGURE!

How in the world does Fedex and USPS manage to deliver items on time after snow! I mean this lady is telling me how the drivers are upset because they have to deliver until 10 tonight.. I cant sympathize, Im sorry. I still say what guidelines does fedex and usps follow?


YES...YES...YES...Call the news!! I will be writing/emailing Channel 7 I Team today.

This is ridiculous. My items were suppose to be delivered this week. Like others, I have received packages from Fedex (thank you JCPenney for using Fedex) and the Post Office; but NOTHING from UPS.

The bottomline is that they DO NOT care.

In the future, I will not allow my packages to be sent via UPS.


Just got off the phone with one "Jennifer Spencer" at the UPS Corporate office in Atlanta. Her explanation?

"I don't know."

Wrong answer, Ms. Spencer. Further she explained to me that the "hoped" to have the backlog created by a couple days worth of bad snow cleared up by Friday. More than a week AFTER the last snowflake hit the ground. Impressive operation, that.


I don't know. As an update, my package has been marked "out for delivery" twice since midnight the morning of 12/16.

I sent a nasty gram to every UPS executive I could find and got a call from their corporate office I haven't had a chance to return yet. We shall see what happens.

(Never did hear from the distribution center or that manager, by the way.)


I live in Northern Virginia and I have several packages out there. Your story sounds identical to mine.

I mean down to the phone calls and series of supervisors and I am also waiting for 2 phone calls to be exact. Amazing!

Is there anything that can be done? I mean do I need to call the news or something?

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