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Update by user Apr 10, 2018

The situation is partially resolved, only because the shipper is shipping another part overnight, although now I have a double charge for the part until I send back the one that was shipped ground. I'm not a silly anything.

The package was not already on its way. It was at the station hub, where all ground packages are sorted. There was plenty of time to get the package on a plane. Instead, UPS misdirected me to someone in a totally different state, someone who had no access to package information, who waited over an hour to call me and inform me.

I used to work for a producer and often expedited last minute show materials by air. In those days, there wasn't even the computerized advantage we have today, and I had to coordinate by phone (no email yet, either) between the airline and at least two messengers. UPS packages are now kept track of by computer and the tracking number tells UPS exactly where a package is. I was told, by UPS, that if the shipper had called, UPS would have located and gotten the package on a plane.

They had over four hours to do that and I would have been happy to pay a COD fee for the service. For customer service, I still give UPS a huge fail.

Original review posted by user Apr 07, 2018

The shipper sent a package that was supposed to be second day air Saturday delivery. I paid a lot of money for it. Their paperwork shows it was sent second day air Saturday delivery. When I finally was able to see tracking information, on Saturday, UPS showed ground shipping with delivery to be the following Thursday.

I called UPS and they refused to even try to get the package on a plane because I wasn't the sender, besides, they said it was the sender's fault, yet I have proof the sender ordered second-day Saturday delivery. I could not contact the sender because it was Saturday and the sender was closed. Therefore, the package could not get on a plane before Monday. Of course, I also got told by UPS that once a package was shipped ground, they would not go through the truck to find it and send it by air.

Because of these lazy jerks, a restaurant will have to close. That package contains a part they needs in order to stay open, and it's only one of that part in stock anywhere. I tried to call Illinois, where the package was but there was no way to contact anyone there.

I will be contacting UPS management as well as closing my UPS business account and going to DHL, Federal Express, post office, or any other shipping company besides UPS. When did it get this bad?

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups 2nd Day Air Delivery Service.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $700.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

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Your shipper didn't manifest the package correctly, why is that the fault of UPS? If it was shipped ground there is literally no way to just go find it and drive it to the airport.

You DO realize by the time you called it was on the road to your destination, along with thousands of others packages, yeah they'll just stop every part of that system to find your junk. Silly rabbit


The Shipper botched up and slapped a ground label on a box that was supposed to be 2nd Day Air. (at least that is your story) Now, you want UPS to give a complimentary upgrade to air service based on your story?You are angry at the wrong business, take out your anger on the shipper for messing up by sending it ground!