First of all, I have no idea why pkg needs signature. It's already paid for, it's not dangerous and it should fit just fine into mail box.

Secondly, because I had been given no warning that it would need to be signed for, I missed first attempt at delivery so the driver leaves a note specifying that they will return after 5pm next day. Made inconvenient arrangements to be available and waited until 8pm before checking online and finding that they returned 3 hours earlier that day at 1:45 and the note they left this time informing me of their 'Final Attempt' at delivery did NOT specify a time to be available for their last attempt the following day.

This is absolutely unacceptable. If I cannot be here tomorrow to receive and sign for this totally inert/benign package, then it will be returned to Manufacturer losing money for both them and I.

Is this how UPS strives to do business?

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Remember that UPS legally cannot put something into your mail box.By federal statue the mail box belongs to the US Postal Service (even if you buy it and install it).

The only thing that it allowed in there us the US mail. UPS is not part of that system, most of the time (they sometimes do work with the USPS to deliver part way under contract). If you put a note to your neighbor in the box, and the mail man sees it, they can and will collect postage due for it.

No joke.That's the law.


Actually "hi" UPS drivers have the discretion to require signatures even when the senders don't. Next time, research your information before attacking somoene else. :)


I'm not trying to be rude but when a package requires a signature it's something the shipper ( meaning the company who shipped it out) requested & fyi there is an extra cost for signature required for the company. so next time call the company before you order the product and request no signature :upset next thing if you need a specific time then pay for the service that offers a time, again call the company you are ordering from and ask. think about it you are not the only one receiving a package and you definetely dont deserve any special treatment so next time research your information before complaining :)


senders sometimes require a signature so you can't claim you never received the item obviously

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