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UPS is absolute disgrace. Also I met a sector without Regulatory Authority (I have not searched any one). The below is a brief summary of my experience based on email communications.


I am angry with your service. For a small Christmas gift, you can impose an extra charge of 13.36 CAD without any reason. My friend paid the full delivery fee to you and you never told him this extra charge when he posted it. Particularly, your staff can change the charge story again and again but no any reason is reasonable or legal.

01/31/2013: I was told an extra charge of a brokerage COD for 13.36 CAD by UPS staff A.

>> I ask why the parcel needed a brokerage COD for 13.36 CAD?

01/01/2014: I was told by UPS staff A that the customs clearance procedure requires the broker to perform, on behalf of the importer, a number of tasks. Your rates for customs clearance into Canada at:

>> The first time for charge reason change from a brokerage COD to the customer clearance. This gift is from China, which means UPS Worldwide free for Entry Preparation Charges for the small gift. According to your rates for the customs clearance website, there are no any items to charge my gift!

01/02/2014: I was told by UPS staff B that some international shipments may require a brokerage COD if the receiver does not have a UPS importer account. A brokerage COD collects charges for Brokerage, Taxes and Duty. He listed several the four Canadian gift exemption: the value cannot exceed 60: CAD, not be alcohol or tobacco, be new and purchased within one year, from one individual to another.

>> My gift meets all the four gift exemption requirements! Why did you charge? I am surprising that the staff at such a big company answer the customers like this without any exact reasons, and changing reasons?

01/02/2014: I was told by UPS staff B the below breakdown of import charges:

Duty $1.46; GST $1.40; Entry Preparation Fee $10.00; Brokerage GST $0.50; Total Charges $13.36.

>> Firstly this gift is from China, which means UPS Worldwide free for Entry Preparation Charges according to your above own website. Why did you charge Entry Preparation Fee $10:00? Secondly, no any item fee is exact $10.00 in your link charge list. This means that you charge something without any regulation.

01/07/2014: I was told by UPS staff B that the fee that has been applied to your shipment is a Bond (Disbursement) fees (minimum of $5.85 on all Standard shipments; minimum of $10.00 on all Express and Expedited shipments of the amount advanced by UPS).

>> Again I was told a new fee story. Do you change your fee stories randomly like this? Furthermore, I am surprising that such a big company has no any email or phone complaint approaches. When I want to complain, I must post a letter!

01/10/2014: I sent the above summary of my complaint to them through their online form.

01/13/2014: UPS staff C recognized that ‘As this was an air shipment, the Entry Preparation Fee was free of charge.’ However, Sharon told me a new breakdown of the charge: Entry Preparation Fee was changed to Bond fee and Brokerage GST was changed to Tax on Bond fee!

>> Again I was told a new fee story. For your broken down, do UPS staff feel ridiculous for a small gift of low value to charge duty, tax and bond? Their staff gave examples that need to charge duty and tax. However, my gift is qualifying for the Canadian gift exemption. Why do UPS charge it? I am not professional. However, this is common sense. If such a small gift of low value needs to be charged so much, any gift should be charged. Please see your website: To avoid bond fees, call 1-800-PICK-UPS and ask about our Prepayment or Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) plans. It is clear that both I and sender have not given any advices about the charge in advance.

01/13/2014: I was told by UPS staff C that ‘The charges have not changed and we have only attempted to clarify the matter for you.’ Sharon wrote “It was previously explained to you that this shipment did not qualify for the gift exemption as it was sent from a business to a business. The shipper/sender should have indicated that this was a "person to person" gift shipment. There would be a cost of $15 to have this shipment amended with new paperwork. As your import fees were only $13.36, this would not be a cost effective decision.”

>> Now Sharon changed the charge story again. The gift exemption is based on "person to person" or “a business to a business.”

I emailed my question to UPS staff C. Again you change your story of the charge to so-called business to business. If any so-called business to business, you should remind the charge when my friend posted the gift rather than now! Furthermore, your website have not shown any difference about a business to a business and a person to a person. If any difference, do you charge tax and duty of a Christmas card from a business to a business? Is it ridiculous that such a big company can change the charge reason frequently only if the charge price is same?

We do not waste time. You, as professional, should give me the full contact information of the Regulatory Authority for your UPS sector! I will contact them directly. They should explain why you change your stories again and again since you cannot explain the charge by yourself. In most of my emails, I asked them to provide contact information of their UPS Regulatory Authority but they never gave me.


Since my last email, I never receive their response again

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