While Backing out of my driveway to rearrange my car I looked to the right for any oncoming traffic... Now I need to mention I live in a manufacture home community so its all private including the streets.

We are not talking heavy traffic if any at all! As I look to the right I feel a sudden crunch and shake side to side. I was stunned to find out A UPS truck was driving backwards on the wrong side of the street and hit me with his right protruding bars above his bumper. He smashed my gas tank nozzle and the whole 1/4 side panel above the wheel well and back!

That's all that was protruding from the driveway...Had he been on the correct side driving up He would have seen me me but more important I would have had plenty of clearance and seen him in time. Yup they came out and had the nerve to say it was 50% my fault and would only pay 50% of the damage. UM.....driving backwards up a hill on the wrong side of the road?? How is that my fault in any stretch of ones imagination????

What cha think?

Do I go to small claims court? I'm ready!

Monetary Loss: $4240.

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