Rogers, Minnesota
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... again?

This is the second package in as many weeks. Both orders were shipped from Kentucky. Both orders were meant to be sent to the same receiving address. I'm an understanding person, and I realize things happen.

What bothers me about the situation is I am personally having to track down updates on these delayed orders, rather than any information being updated online. In both cases the tracking update has stated my package is "In Transit", only to be updated at the end of the business day to a status of will be delivered the next day. My request... if you know it will be delayed until the next day, please update the information earlier.

Again, I get it. I am a reasonable person. I've had jobs in high volume organizations where the manpower is spread thin. Am I being unreasonable?

I just don't think it's best client care to say "You'll have your goods by the end of the day, as promised", only to state at the end of said day, "Actually, it'll be tomorrow. Sorry dude!" I guess the thing that bothers me most is twice? In two weeks?

Thanks for listening.

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