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My package was supposed be delivered today, they lost the package by delivering it to another address, lied about trying to contact the building and got *** on the phone by not resolving their mistake.

The UPS customer service hotline is in the Philippines, poor communication, no info at all, completely oblivious to any resolution.

Ups is no doubt the worst courier service, expensive and clueless.

You ask to speak to a Manager, they lie or better, they leave you on hold so you will hang up eventually.

The staff is trained to fail, they speak in a robotic tone, repeating themselves since they have no training at all. It sadens me to know since UPS was once on top of the world, the hard reality sets, UPS is done!


Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Next Day Delivery Service.

Reason of review: Good customer service.

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You are absolutely right about UPS customer service rep. UPS is very lousy courier service provider.