Ahh, where does one start when talking about UPS?

Well lets see, there's the 2x where I got a phone overnighted as I was going to Florida 2 days later. I stayed home from work and out in the open where I could clearly see the street. Blinds all the way up, with NO WAY you couldn't see that I was home as the whole front of my house that faces the street has plenty of windows. I even opened the balcony!! What happened?? After checking all day and evening, I check the tracking number at 6:40 and it says that no one was home AND that they rang the door bell. Now, my door bell is extremely loud AND you can push the *** button to talk!!! So I call and they tell me it will be delivered the following day….SAME SITUATION, this time, it was reported that no one was home. I called in Furious!! and the lady said because I live 15 away from their hub I could always pick it up. I told the lady I was leaving for a flight in the morning and they were closed anyways!!! She agreed after 40 minutes of arguing to send it to the address I'd be at in Florida for no charge. They were going to send it regular shipping and when i reiterated I don't have a *** cell- it finally clicked and they overnighted it.

Another time, (well several times actually) they leave stickers at door without knocking or ringing doorbell which really *** me off- because I will be home. NOt to mention it'll be around dinner time. WTF isn't home during DINNER TIME??? Ive literally had to leave a message on my door saying RING THE *** DOORBELL FOR PACKAGES. I've sat in my living room and watched them DRIVE BY and then shortly after mark down that they stopped by but no one was home! What kind of BS is this???

Presently, I have had 3 packages come, and another 2 coming. I am 9 months pregnant…. I HUGE package came for me, and I checked the shipping and it said delivered and signed!!! This is the 2nd package this week that said I SIGNED FOR THE *** AND MY DOOR BELL NEVER EFFING RANG!!! Now when I call them, they say on their end that it was delivered but was not signed for….hmmm… now at 9 months I have to wait for packages concerning my new born to come in while they do some investigation on some odd number of packages MISSING.

Heres the problems I see with UPS:

-Some drivers are plain lazy, they would rather play with peoples packages by reporting them delivered and they aren't. Or leaving little stickies instead of walking their lazy *** to see if someone is present

-They don't check to see if they are leaving it at the right house/apt/suite

-A neighbor Signing you have no clue what that relationship is or what they will do with the package so why not double check

-the lack of common sense to double check an address baffles me

-if you don't want to deliver packages DONT be a delivery person-SIMPLE!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Delivery Service.

Reason of review: not delivered, incompetent recurring problem.

Monetary Loss: $165.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

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Montreal, Quebec, Canada #872589

Same here, freaking lazy driver dropped by and said no one's there (while I waited at home all day long), and the delivery sticker checked the FINAL ATTEMPT at his first attempt! They expect me to go and pick it up but then the definition of DELIVERY is to send the package TO MY DOOR, not PICK UP!

UPS does not understand this!

their service is very very bad and I will never recommend and use them again. NEVER.


Quit complaining and quit playing the pregnancy card. That has absolutely nothing to do with your complaint. IF you are nine months pregnant, you probably shouldn't be traveling.

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