Complete wrong tracking number. Waited over 49 minutes to speak with a person to no avail.

They suck and have just lost a very major account. We will only go FEDEX now. Go *** yourselves ups . You suck and screwed everything up.

Thanks for nothing you *** bags.Eat *** and die and we will do everything to make sure you fail *** holes. You wa nt more god *** words you suck you screwed up everything . You suck and there is no way in *** we will ever use UPS *** bags again.

eat *** and die you *** one of the most important shipments we ever had . *** you

Monetary Loss: $2000.

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Jokela, Jokela, Finland #832579

Yes I'm sure you are a major account and will be the down fall of ups; when you resort to posting four letter bombs on complaint sites, you are merely a juvenile who is upset his latest game didn't arrive in when he thought it would. Clowns gotta clown I spose.

to laugh track Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States #835599

Wait until it happens to you. Im sure you'll be all smiles and jumping over rainbows when your package doesn't get delivered.

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