Port Saint Lucie, Florida
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I already paid to have it shipped...then found out it is only signature confirmation and would not leave it by the door...after 2 attempts called and had to pay $6 and join my choice whatever...now several other companies I ordered stuff from are doing the same thing and using UPS and it's costing me $6 each time...all of these packages where ordered close together...the main warehouse is about 1 hour drive if they don't get signed for within 3 attempts...THIS FEE IS SUCH A RIP OFF AND I HATE IT!!! I CAN'T STAND COMPANIES LIKE THIS THAT GET SO DARN GREEDY IT'S PATHETIC...THEY GOT ME SHORT TERM BUT I WILL NEVER SEND ANYTHING THROUGH THEM AND I'M MAKING SURE COMPANIES I DEAL WITH DO NOT USE UPS.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

UPS Cons: Overcharging rate.

  • UPS Delivery HORRIBLE
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Totally agree with the original complaint. A $6 charge to be able to pick up an envelope from a UPS Store!?

Instead it's being sent to an "access point" which is a shady corner store. I eventually decided to just pay the $6 fee to have it sent to a UPS store...but they demanded my credit card info for this!

The USPS would've got this delivered for less than 6 bucks in the first place.


So should we swallow that extra delivery and gas because the shipper required you to sign. Not our fault