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I had a bed delivered in 6 seperate boxes delivered a few moments ago. I heard the UPS driver drive up, I went and opened the door, then went to check on my newborn who was just waking up.

When I came down with the baby, UPS was driving away, the guy never rang the door bell, *** he never even came on the porch. Had he done that he would have seen the open door. Normally the UPS guy rings the bell, and leaves the package.

I searched for a number to call since I can't go outside and carry in 6 boxes that range in weight of 60lbs plus and I was told someone would be calling me back in an hour. It's supposed to rain, lets see if he actually comes back to do the job he should have done to begin with.

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and he probly saw you open the door, so why would he knock?he knows your home...


Drivers are not movers. They don't bring things into your house. Whether he leaves them on the porch or in the driveway, it's your responsibility to get them into your house.

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