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It is the third times i experienced this to ups, waiting...and they never doorbell, they just left this post card telling they missed you. The first one, i got the item, because i ran after the truck!! It's good he had to stop to our neighbor!!! I am really pissed, the second time, we are all home and when we go out I saw the post card stick outside telling they missed us!?? How come, while we are all home all day?!!! and until now they're doing it! I want to complaint to the companys owner for the poor service and poor behaviour of their employees!!!
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I checked my package on line to see what it would cost, $33.34. I get to the UPS Store and the cost goes up to $109.00. Part of this is the packaging that I forgot which added dimensions and weight. I can accept that. But what I cannot accept it the fact that the...
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Well I experinced only problems with any ups store ever used, example a package which I could ship from a Gas station 2 miles away would charge around 30 bucks for 35 pounds, a ups store or most other locations charged 65 bucks same thing, I would instead take my package to fed ex whatever I could find cheaper. Ok thats one thing but another is that they refused to pay for a stolen ounce of gold that I shipped using ups.

I used to ship at the ups location near me no problem one time I used ups in another location to ship 13 ounces of gold and somehow when it arrived only 12 ounces were there, ups refused insurance on the item:( At that time Gold was at 710 per ounce. Such a bunch of crooks, I went to usps and shipped from there at that point on, usps re insured me that the packages shipped from there were the most secure in the world as long as you purchase insurance. Even the Hope diamond was shipped using usps. RIP UPS Stores have caused me to also recieve broken items, things I bought off ebay ups packed and I had to wait a whole 2 months for a check to come out of the deal!

Additionally I send a package to Florida ups to a po box, before I knew the po box policy, it was never delivered, never attempted to be delivered ups had my phone number never called me than refused to refund my pament for shipping on the late product when it got back on my door. It was the only time I ever had to call my credit card company to dispute a charge, and came out ahead because ups didn't follow the company procedure.

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Unprofessional conduct | UPS review from Brunswick, Maine

I made the mistake of going to the UPS store in Saco, Maine to get something faxed. First of all the price was ridiculous...3 dollars for one page with no cover sheet. Then the idiotic clerk put my Visa card through their machine and then announced in a loud voice for all the customers to hear "it's in invalid debit card". So of course everyone stares. I KNEW there was nothing wrong with that card and it was their machine but the big *** just kept repeating "it's an invalid card". So I had no cash on me so I said that's fine it's not a invalid card and walked out and then he said in a loud voice "oh you are leaving without paying?" and I said in an equally loud voice "I just tried to pay with my VALID debit card"...and walked out without my fax copy. I was just steaming. I checked my debit card expiration date and it was not expired then I drove all the way to the bank to check the balance and there was over 500.00 in my account. So this *** embarrassed me and inconvenienced me. So I got a receipt at the bank showing my balance and got some cash to bring back to the UPS store so they could not do something idiotic like call the police on me. I also wanted to confront this *** who embarrassed me. So I walk in and show him the receipt and the card saying it is NOT invalid here is my balance and the card is not expired. He wouldn't even look at it. Or admit there may have been something wrong with the machine. So I said listen you are a ***. Then the owner comes storming out all pissed and was just as bad blaming ME for their mistake. So I paid the 3 bucks and I said you know what you are a *** too! And get this...the clerk looked familiar and I finally placed where I recognized his ugly face. He is a child rapist and on the sex offender registry in Maine!!!! And this *** is embarrassing ME...!!!!! I bought my own fax machine..don't ever go to UPS they employ child rapists and are a bunch of *** idiots.
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Just to back up the poster, the clerk IS in fact on the sex offeder registry as a child rapist.....


Nice...really nice. How about you take it easy with the slandar.

UPS Stores hire baby rapists? Are you out of your mind? Yeah the *** should have said sorry it may be our machine but to state UPS Stores hire child rapists? You are aware there are 4000 ups stores in the US and I can assure you the ones I have visited have been great.

Your post has the sound of a stark raving lunatic.

You would have simply asked the clerk if you could come back later an pay since neither of you have any idea what is going on with the debit card. Grow up, I realize the world is happening to you and you felt like a victim...suck it up and act like an adult.

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Owner of UPS Store in LaGrange, Ga is a ***

I will never return to UPS store #4217 regardless if I have a pre paid label. I would rather pay any amount of money to Fed Ex, or anyone other than UPS, in order to get good customer service. The owner of store #4217, Michael Gibbon, on every occasion I have gone into his store has been rude and has a disgusting attitude. The first time, I figured he must have had a bad day. The 3rd time I received the same ugly smart-*** remarks from him did it for me. He became annoyed with me because I wanted to use the packing tape sent to me in the pre paid box instead of his roll of tape. I got the huffing and puffing and his eyes rolled at me. And He'd a Grown Man in his 50's. I asked for another attendant to help me instead and he told me "No, He's not going to help you!" An OWNER/MANAGER talking to a customer like this?? I won't go there again!!
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I'd have to disagree with all of you. Being a very loyal customer first hand I know the attitude of the owner very well.

The only time he ever gets an attitude wit a customer is when the customer is giving him atitude, and or acting completely ***. If he gave you attitude 3 times you must be a complete ***, otherwise he would have been warm and welcoming to you.


It's true. The owner of this store has an attitude problem. I was glad to read a little affirmation of my own thoughts in this thread.


Maybe a class action lawsuit would solve the problem..


It seem's that there are tons of complaints about UPS and it also seems like nobody cares because the attidudes they have and the way they commit fraud by selling insurance and damage the packages and then rufuse to honor the claims is going unheard..Its ashame in this day and age this continues to happen...I will never use UPS again and i was shipping about 150 items a month,I will give my Business to FEDEX...


I agree bad customer service. They trashed my package and didn't have the courtesy to even contact me.

I'll never use UPS store in Lagrange again. UPS needs to pull this franchise.


ups in brooklyn ny.are @ssholes.they took my xbox tampered with it removed the safety seals and gave me a broken unit.this was the @sshole at store 4844.dont use them.use fedex instead.avoid like aids!


The guy's a ***, no way to put it nicely.

I hope he gets what he's been giving.

Maybe he'll get hit by something big...


I totally agree. I haven't been back there in two years due to the same attitude.

I received a mild version of this treatment, but it was enough to turn me off completely.

I never once had a problem with any of the delivery people that come to my business, but I will never use the UPS store for anything again.

BTW I have worked in a customer service postion for the past 10 years and have dealt with every sort of P.O. person and never had to get nasty with any of them.

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UPS holding package for 21 days now!

I recently purchased a set of Ceiling speakers on Ebay and the seller shipped them with UPS. On Dec 24th, 2007 I received a notice on my door that a UPS driver had been at my home and could not leave the package due to brokerage fees( you all know what those cost!). Now being Dec 24th I realized that I may have to wait until between Christmas and New Years to get the package. I called UPS Dec 27th and was told the package was out for delivery on the 28th so I waited at home all delivery attempt was made. I called UPS on 29th and was told that my package was placed in a trailer on site and would not be available for delivery until the new they were busy with the Christmas rush...4 days after Christmas!!! Long story is now January 14th 2008 and I have just got off the phone with UPS customer service and am being told that my package is still in the trailer and is therefore unavailable for delivery or PICKUP as it does not have a location ID! It is sitting in a trailer with a bunch of other packages whilst they are out delivering what? In total I have called UPS nine times regarding this matter and every time I get another story(lie) about the package being out for delivery and to just be patient with them. In the mean time I have bought items online on Boxing day and they were delivered to my house on January 8th by the Canada Post. I explained to the customer service rep that if they made packages available for customer pickup perhaps it would ease the burden of their "supposedly" over worked drivers. Mind you from all the complaints about UPS and how they treat their people it is not wonder they are so far behind and so half *** backwards in their business practices... I cannot understand why so many US sellers on Ebay want to use my opinion they suck at what they do and as another person said ...BROWN is the appropriate color for their company as they are full of S*it!!!
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UPS ? Never Again !!!

In order to repair my laptop PC, a well known computer brand contracted UPS on 07 Jan 2008, to take care of the shipment, as it is under warranty they have chosen the shipping company and as their facilities are in Germany, shipping is the only way. Since then I am waiting for them to pick up the computer, it has been 8 days already. During this time I have called them several times and send daily emails, unfortunately, nothing has made them collect it. As a response to my emails I have even received a response from Mr. Marcel van Londen (UPS Europe) saying "...I will transfer this e-mail to the dispatcher now and urge them to follow this up. " and still nothing, I have even arranged a pick up today between 14:00 and 17:00 but no these guys are unable keep the promise they make. The funny thing is, UPS came to my workplace today to make a delivery for a colleague but did not ask for me!!!!! Anyway I am still waiting to send my laptop to be repaired, I just did my daily UPS customer service call and talked to Lisa, without any promises again, saying they can not say anything but they should call me. I WILL NEVER SHIP ANYTHING WITH UPS AGAIN.
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DHL customers | UPS review from Warren, Michigan

Yeah I have a complaint for the customers of any delivery company. I work in this business and for starters you people have no business. You order it and someone brings it to you. But of course you have no address on your house and neither do any of your *** neighbors. Just because you lazy, ungrateful people can't get pizza to your house dosen't mean you don't want a fire truck or ambulance to get there. So do UPS, FED EX, and DHL a favor and go to the store and get some numbers or have them shipped to you. Shovel the snow off of your steps, Plow your drive-ways. And to the whiner about his guitar, most delivery companies give you a tracking number when you schedule a pick-up. Also you people with big dogs and fenced in yards- They don't pay me enough to go in your yard. If you are there all day get off your fat f**ckin *** and meet me outside. Or start digging through there *** looking for your package. Of course you were there all day, that's why you answered when I knocked. You don't want poblems or human error, because we are people. GO GET IT YOURSELF. I know its hard to believe that the delivery person who comes to your door isn't super human but we aren't. We get tired too. Sometimes I don't even get to use the bathroom in the 12 hour shift I work. You want it to get better- Take my advice and do some of the things I listed above. Turn signals are nice too. They are located on the steering column in that thing you call a car. You want to remember that you are the one that ordered these things AND we do the best we can. I don't believe in the customer is always right, I believe that you are a person. I treat you the way you treat me. Remember when you were taught that in kindergarten??
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Yeah, the customer is always wrong. No package has ever been lost; no delivery has ever been late.

Perhaps a job with the USPS might be appropriate.

DHL has bungled the last 3 packages sent to me using them. FedEx, UPS, etc all can read my house number & all can ring my door bell.

Beyond that, if FedEx or UPS makes an error, they generally move heaven and earth to make it right. DHL, in my experience, just hunkers down and gets defensive.


As an operator for a consumer shipping business that utilizes DHL, FE and UPS I have to put my 2 cents in. Most of the drivers are concious of the customers concerns.

I do have to agree with some of what Brianna has to say. Keeping walkways clear, your dogs out of the yard and your homes properly numbered is not too much to ask. Especially if you live in a rural area. Most people have gates and roads that are inexcessable.

So put a box outside your gates for packages expected for delivery. Especially if you live in areas with inclement weather. Such as winter. It is not up to the driver to continue to come back if you are not home.

Most of the shippers ground deliveries are made by contract laborers. They get paid per package. Which some can weigh s much as 100 lbs. They have to pay for their own gas, vehicle maintanence and get NO benefits from these companies.

It's a very rough and demanding job. SO give them a break.

Do your part to make things as easy as possible for them. Thank You.


Brianna it's just too bad that people order item and you are the one that delivers it. Have you ever consider leaving your high paying Delivery Engineering position for something a little more simple and less stressful to your limited thinking?

I understand that technolgy is available for locating a residence just about anywhere, except a few third world countries. You mentioned snow, so I am guessing you must delivery in Alaska or somewhere far south or perhaps far north, which explains why there are no numbers on the houses, since most igloo homes are only temporary, the numbers tend to fall off during the summer months. But company resources being so limited that you can not afford a cell phone to call for directions? Perhaps calling the customer who does take the time to enter their phone number down on the delivery slip is too much trouble when you are delivering via a snow sled, which explains why there are so many dogs in the nieghborhood.

Brianna it is actually ok for you to stop and use the bathroom when you need to, didn't your parents teach you that before they sent you to kindergarden? Holding it for a long time can cause bladder infections & other problems besides that.

Do you really think someone is going to take your advice about anything when you admit you do not go to the bathroom when you need to? :roll

It seems that no one has treated you wrong, but serriously if you feel that your job scope is to ring a door bell & you expect someone to come running out of their nice comfortable house to unload the truck for you, because that is what you are paid to do, then you are absolutely in the wrong business. But you wouldn't know that because you don't even know what to do when you have to go to the bathroom. :grin


Oh Xion, you don't understand this business so i suggest you shut you're pie hole before we shut it for you!

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UPS Manhandled my shipment and broke it!

The boxes were so damaged that product was falling out of them. The products were broken, scratched, and the had paint chipped off finish. I took pictures of the shipment because I could not believe how they treated my order. This company has no consideration for there clients. I will NEVER ship with them again, nor will my company. Out of 10, I give them a -10 in service and quality/care for my order. That gift will not be here for the holidays, Unhappy holidays to you UPS, because you ruined mine! Shipping with them was a mistake! BEWARE!
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I am pissed. I tried to ship a shipment I had recieved 2 days ago back to the shipper in the orginal box. UPS Store refused it because the box had International markings on it. I turned the box inside out, taped it up and set it back on the counter again. NO MARKINGS...
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Here's another tidbit. The UPS store at 340 West 32nd street DOUBLED my box rent without so much a advance warning.

When I tried to put through a change of address, I discovered that this is not allowed -- that the post office will not forward UPS box mail. I changed to the still reasonably priced UPS store at 2554 West 16th street in Yuma and was told the 32nd street locale would send my mail there. But when my aged mother inadvertently used the old address they sent it back as undeliverable with black markings all over it.

Hope they're happy with their increased box rent. Only people with money to burn would keep a box at th 32nd street address.

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UPS stands for Unreliable Postal Service

Really is there any hope that if enough people get the message not to use UPS can we put them out business. Probably not. My wife watched the UPS delivery man deliver a package to our concrete front step by throwing it apoximately six feet. She of course complained about his behaviour to customer service, (this only took her 2 and half hours). Her at home business relies on package delivery, and many of her products are fragile in nature so it seemed worth the effort. Subsequently the UPS delivery man has consistently failed to deliver packages on time for a variety of reasons such as "signature required" when we were in and he couldn't even ring the bell. Can we prove anything, no. Do we think UPS cares. No. Are we prepared to spend more time complaining only to potentially make the situation worse. No Judging by all the other negative reviews UPS has we believe we are not being singled out for terrible service we believe it is systemic to the entire organization. We have decided to request any delivery mechanism other than UPS. I encourage everyone to do the same. And I only have one word for UPS. Fedex.
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