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UPS did not deliver!

UPS did not deliver after several phone calls to verify they would. Then on the online tracking, the driver put that the company was closed on Friday so delivery could not be made. All of the phone calls were to say that we will be here and we will be waiting. Now I have to call India again to get ignored some more, they won't even give you a local number to call, you have to go through India to talk to Trent in Reno when I,m calling from down the street. From now on I'm using Fed-ex.
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Your scenario sounds similar to mine. After calling to verify that a package would be delivered (already two days late), UPS was a no-show.

Their customer support was ineffective and apologetic. After spending an hour on the phone, they informed me that they knew exactly where my package was (local), but refused to help me get my package before I left on a business trip.

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UPS Ripoff

Just prior to Christmas in 2010, I shipped a small package (a 11" x 14" envelope) from my Local (Tracy CA) UPS office, to Ontario, Canada. The shipping was already expensive--$18, with no rush, but I assumed that was because it had to travel outside the USA. When my recipient was supposed to receive it a week later, she got a note stating that UPS wanted an additional $50.00 to deliver it. Why? UPS charges a "customs duty fee" that was never disclosed to me at the time of shipping. We both balked at the charge! When neither of us paid it within two weeks, while we argued the unfairness of the charge with UPS, they threatened to destroy it by friday of that week. We had to pay. They scammed us!!! UPS is a rip-off!! Don't use them.
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refer to comment by john


I find it hard to believe that customs wants the $50. I have shipped motorcycle parts and video games to Canada plenty of times through USPS and have never ever EVER heard of this.

Not to mention it always arrives through standard First Class in a week or less. Don't use UPS is my motto, they have burned me many times as a frequent eBayer. UPS does not care about you or your packages. The last 6 or 7 packages I've received from different people from different locations have been all smashed up.

They ruined a nearly brand new exhaust pipe I shipped and the red tape to go through in order to get them to cover it is impossible.

Yeah, my customer and I got the raw end of the deal since UPS took their sweet, sweet time to determine that they wouldn't cover it anyway. I don't use UPS and I'd recommend not using them to everyone else.


Ughhh........ Once again people, please pay attention here:


UPS is not charging you $50 and putting it into their pockets.

The Canadian government is charging the recipient an import tax. They keep the money, not UPS.

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UPS has just given themselves another 5.9% rate increase

UPS has just given themselves another yearly 5.9% rate increase plus a new divisor for large packages. This is a first for them and FedEx. This is going to cause many business to go under. Consumers will not purchase items that need to be shipped. UPS is as greedy as they come and FEDEX did the same thing. UPS is doing more to cripple my business than the already horrible economy. Yes, I get discounts for shipping with UPS, but, their new divisor for dimentional weight is unbelievable. Year after year they keep raising their rates by 5.9% on the first monday of every January. I hate UPS
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rent is too damm high!!


I would bet you work for UPS (not a driver)and your job is to just slough off any criticisms with saying *** things like:

"My rent is going up" No, UPS doesn't surprise me with a yearly 5.9% increase, it's no surprise, you know is coming on the first monday of every January and it's been happening for all the years past. It's no surprise.


There's just going to be a breaking point for businesses and consumers. Wouldn't you love a 5.9% salary increase each 1st Monday in January of each new year?


My rent is going up this year too. Prices of products and services generally go up over time. This surprises you?

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UPS in Saint Petersburg, Florida - Denied pick up was made after delivery

We shipped cases of product to Canada via UPS on 11/23/10. The Driver gave us the tracking numbers, but did not have paperwork, he took the cases and said he would return with the paperwork but did not return. We were called and informed that only 4 cases arrived and 1 was damaged. We called our local UPS office in Tampa and tried a trace the Rep Chrystal Durocher would said here system could only find 1 tracking number as being picked up, but did not show a delivery. Afetr 4 weeks with no answer from Chrystal, we called trying to place a claim- ended up, after getting shunted thru 4 other people, to a person named Jaoquin who also confirmed that there was a recoed of a pick up for 1 tracking number, but no delivery. I told him that there was already 4 cases delivered and there was a damaged case, and that I was being honest and not claiming for the entire shipment. He said he would start an investigation. Today, 1/6/11- i received a call from a person at UPS named "Unique" who now said there was no recored whatsoever of any pick-up on any cases (the pick-up record must have majically disappeared). Unique also stated that since there was no paperwork, UPS would not honor any claim, but that we should call for an inspection of the damaged case that they returned so perhaps a claim could be filed on that. To sum up- UPS makes a delivery, returns a damaged case and claims there was never any pick-up so they won't have to pay a claim (oh yeah, and majically has disappearing records). Hope this helps people choose who to use for package deliveries, for me it will no longer be UPS and every business contact that I know is getting a copy of this post.
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i order a package online an track the package ups said they delivered it. they said they dropped it on the porch.i was home the day they supposedly delivered the package and never seen any trace of my goods :(


I believe they had their package picked up by a driver and the driver has to supply paperwork showing that they picked the package up. That paperwork should contain a reiteration of the shipment you've ordered.

It's been awhile though, so I'm not positive how it works since I cannot remember.

The claims process with UPS is impossible. I've read review after review of the same story I encountered with them, including this one. They wait until you give up so they don't have to fix their negligent methods.

All I have to say is that UPS does not care AT ALL about your packages. They somehow dented a well-packaged stainless-steel muffler I sent, then ran my customer and me around until my customer gave up. Probably 75% of my experience with UPS has been simply awful.

All of my eBay listings explicitly state that I absolutely will not ship UPS as a direct result of my experience with them. I primarily use USPS since they have proven very reliable and excellent package handlers.


fed ex is no better!!!!!!!


yeah this is indecipherable. drivers dont give you tracking numbers or customs forms.

you process the shipment and generate a tracking number and customs paperwork yourself and keep a record. not sure what the helll your talking about and i dont think you do either.


Sorry but I'm not following this one.

"The Driver gave us the tracking numbers, but did not have paperwork, he took the cases and said he would return with the paperwork but did not return."

What paperwork?

The customs forms?

Why would the driver be giving them to you? It should be the other way around.

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UPS in Calgary, Alberta - Destroyed shipment 3 times since November 10, 2010..

Today is January 5, 2011 and I do not have my heater. It was order from Los Angles company to ship to Canada on November 10, 2010. First shipment Fed Ex called me and told me the shipment was damaged and did not deliver to my door. Called supplier and they did a claims report and shipped out a second heater on Dec 7. Product delivered was shipped up side down when the box was clearly make which way up. Because the heater was bottom heavy over 100 pounds it crush the flues and venting. Sent pictures to supplier and another claim was made. Sent another heater on December 23, 2010. The shipment did not make it to Canada before they contacted the supplier who was informed on Dec 31 that the shipment was too damage to deliver. Totally frustrated because customer service is useless. Asked company to ship by UPS maybe I will get it this time.
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I think you meant to put this in the Fedex complaint section.

Either way, the company you ordered it from is obviously not packaging their merchandise properly. There is no such thing as "THIS SIDE UP" in shipping through any company. It's an automated system and no one's reading it most of the time.

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I ordered my packages and it said it would ship today. I tracked my packages and saw that it was delivered to someone else. Now I called UPS and told them the situation and eventually finding out that the lazy delivery guy left it with the superintendent of my building. Are you kidding me. I was waiting all day for these packages, matter of fact two weeks. I go down to the superintendent, he isnt there. I go back and his wife says he has the package but to come back tomorrow. What the *CUSS*?!!!! All the driver had to do was ring the doorbell and have me come downstairs if he didnt want to come upstairs. They've truly pissed me the *CUSS* off. Don't go with UPS if you live in brookyln, ny. LAZY DRIVERRRR
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I have been trying to get my package for THREE WEEKS. When it first was shiped, the driver mistakenly marked my package "no answer - third attempt" on the first try (I was home too, but they did not try to get a hold of us), and sent it back to the shipper.

(I learned about this after signing the door tag and calling them after finding the same tag the next day)... after returning the package back to california before bringing it back to new york, I am now THREE WEEKS LATER having to goto the UPS center in queens (i live in brooklyn) to pick up my package after the driver had made an attempt with "no answer" today (I was at home right by the door in the living room all day).

After mentioning to customer service that I do not have this problem with Fed-EX or the postal service, the customer service person said that maybe I should use Fed-Ex next time (REALLY!?!?!). Never had problems when I lived in the suburbs, but UPS in the city is THE WORST!!!!


I'm in Brooklyn too - expecting a 50 lbs package which is 6 days late. First there were "Emergency conditions" aka snow that kept it from being delivered.

OK -- the roads have been plowed for days and it has been warm. Just checked online and they say they attempted to deliver last night and I "refused" the package!!

I was here all day and night. It is now en route back to the shipper (no, they didn't do a second attempt - or, actually, a first) and it will be another week till it lands back in Wisconsin, and then gets reshipped here.

Our lazy UPS GROUND is located at 300 Maspeth Avenue in Brooklyn.

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I ordered from an online store who delivered through UPS. My package finally came today, while I was at work. On the tracking information it said that my package was left at the door and signed by a REL 201. Needless to say my package was not at my door, I live in an...
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Rocky From Philly-

He'd probably put it into reverse before having a meltdown lol. This site attracts really smart people.

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I am not shipping through UPS this year unlress they lower the fees back down and I will be posting this on the internet and hope millions will join me, the Government and the President of the United States says that there will not be a cost of living raise again this year so all of these companies that are jacking there prices up are trying to ruin all of us out here as they are trying to get there raise when the President said there is not a cost of living raise again this year making it 3yrs in a row so far! If we all use a service that will not be jacking up there cost we will force all the othrs to lower there prices back down, why should we pay these outrageous prices when we will not be getting the cost of living raise? Respectfully
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Those 2 sentences you wrote don't require question marks.

Anyway, if you look at a map you can see that with the exception of Antarctica, Australia is the most isolated and least populated of all the continents. Of course it costs more to ship there.

I hope you've learned something about grammar and geography today. How's that for a sarcastic reply?


Not only do I have a problem with their rates, I have a problem with their handling. Three of the last four packages I have received thru UPS have had the contents damaged.


Try and justify charging $80 for shipping a package, that wieghs less than half a pound, to Australia? Lets see you make a sarcastic comment at that?


Yeah a $10 package will now cost you $10.40. It's a bloody outrage I say!!! lol

And 2 years ago the same package would have cost over $11.00, because of fuel surcharges, so the prices have actually gone down.

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How does ups stay in business?

For someone who doesn't usually complain, I HATE UPS!!!I get soo pissed off when I try to order online and they use UPS. I have even gone as far to calling the company begging to use another shipper and would pay the additional costs. They are the worst company I have ever dealt with. First of all they have never delivered a package correctly to me (In any state I have lived in), they either drop it off at the wrong home, misplace it, lose it, etc. When I inquire I am told that they did deliver it and that is all, no more assistance in anyway shape or form. Customer service reps have refused to transfer me to a supervisor to speak with and then hung up on me. When finally getting through to one, there is no apology or anything. I asked for a pkg to be rescheduled for delivery as I was not going to be home and they wanted to charge me more money..Who does that? Does it not cost more to send something out that you know cannot be delivered? AND I know they will screw that up because that is what they do.
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The operative letter in UPS is the U which stands for Union. Union people are maximum lazy and ***.

(as evidenced by KC's post)

Its a shame that so many companies do business with UPS simply because its the cheapest.

Its cheapest for a reason: you get what you pay for. which in this case resembles somthing your dog excretes out on the sidewalk.


UPS is rather careless in its handling of packages. I have ordered roller skates, things you think wouldn't be easily be damaged, online and delivered to me with an axle and wheel snapped off.

Then I have to go thru the whole rigamarole of returning the stuff and hoping the new shipment arrives in one piece. I've also asked vendors to add extra bubble wrap, etc.

because of UPS' careless handling. You'd think they were throwing footballs around.


i have awsome luck with UPS and FED EX.. UPS and FEDEX tracking is awsome..

you must have some bad karma... it always gets you


UPS has always left packages that look like they were dragged behind the truck to be delivered, then kicked up the driveway. Dented, wet boxes, damaged products.

My favorrite was the box that had about 10 coffee cup rings on it & had coffee spilled all over it. Then customer service puts you on hold to disconnect within 30 seconds.


Do not presume that I am so incompetent to not provide the correct address for delivery. I have had pkgs that were to be signed upon delivery dropped off down the street on someone else's front lawn, packages undelivered when I inquire was informed that it was and that they were not responsible all of a sudden show up 24 hrs later, packages returned to sender stating that I was not home to receive that packages when I was home and never received any notice, etc.

Please I have never had as many issues with any other delivery companies. these are not irrelevant deliveries and if you think that paying for a service it is ok for the constant issues that you have a warped sense of customer service


From your message complaining about irrelavent deliveries I can see why they hung up. If for some strange reason you think UPS worl revolves around you then think again.

Your pkg is not the one that pays the bills, and you should use another company. Try to get Fed-ex or the post office to paya claim one day and you'll change your tune.

You get an extra charge because your pkg has to be stopped then processed then held or address changed or whatever you've changed your mind about. If you know you are going to order something make the address correct and plan to spend the day at home.

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My biggest mistake EVER was ordering my entire New Year's Eve outfit 2 days before New Year's Eve and expecting that overnight delivery via UPS would actually work out for me. *sighs* UPS is the WORSE DELIVERY SERVICE. I had 5 packages that were to be delivered via...
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@KC... I won't stoop down to your level of stupidity with my reply because obviously from what I can tell you are ignorant and a misguided CLUELESS soul.

I guess you know nothing about Victoria's Secret nor have you ever shopped with them. Victoria's Secret doesn't sell dresses, shoes, etc. in their retail stores. ONLY online.

So I had no choice but to purchase the dress online. So DUH to you. ;-)

@Peg I so feel your pain! Sorry you are going through this!

If I was you, I would DEFINITELY call the company you ordered from and tell them what is going on. Not sure if you have done this already. Sometimes maybe the companies have a better success rate getting to the bottom of things with UPS. Or at least making them more responsible!

You see how it is in Brooklyn now. Snow is clearing up and everything. UPS has no excuse! I do a lot of shopping online.

I ordered a pair of shoes on Monday for overnight delivery. Had no idea the shoe company would use UPS as well! *sighs* I get an email from the company via the UPS delivery. It said: "Delivery of your package may be delayed due to extreme weather conditions or an unforeseen natural event.

UPS will deliver the package as soon as possible. We are sorry about this unavoidable delay and we appreciate your patience." I also trace my pkgs via text and got a similar text from UPS. I got right on the phone with the shoe company and UPS customer service again! I could not believe what was going on again!

Mind you the package had already arrived in Brooklyn so what kind of extreme weather condition was going on here that I was not aware of? I don't know what happened but my pkg was indeed delivered that same day! Maybe UPS was trying to be slick again but once I started running my mouth and sending out emails AGAIN, they was like, "Come *** or high water let's deliver this pkg to this woman!" LOL! Definitely call the company you ordered from Peg.

They should even refund you back any shipping charges you paid due to this inconvenience. I always get refunded back when UPS drops the ball. Also call UPS customer service and ask to speak to a supervisor. Also send an email to both ( and ( about what is going on.

I did and received a response back from customer service. I say complain, complain, complain. I guess I complained so much and would not let it go that they got sick of me.

Its ashame though. I wish you the best of luck!

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