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UPS Screws Up and Wants Me to Pay!!

Feb 2010: Arranged for AUTHORIZED return to Plow and Hearth. Plow and Hearth arranged the shipment because they were supposed to pay. UPS Freight driver arrives and says he needs a "Bill of Lading" filled out. I don't know how to fill it out, they gave me no instructions to go with the form, so I get the driver to assist me and for part of it he calls his Alabama office. April 2010: UPS Freight starts sending me a bill for over $900!! The furniture cost around $600. They said because "prepaid" was marked (at their direction) that made ME liable for the shipment. I responded that it was their mistake, deal with it. Throughout 2010 they kept sending me a bill. Feb 2011: Letter from lawyer trying to collect the bill for UPS Freight!! I will send him a copy of the letter I sent UPS last year and the letter I am sending to the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services and Federal Trade Commission.
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It doesn't sound like your problem is with UPS at all. Plow & Hearth obviously screwed this up and are refusing to correct their mistake.

Someone has to pay UPS, and I'm sure they're sending bills to both you and Plow & Hearth. What does P & H say??

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Ups employees are liers and ruin my Womens Day Program at my church

On February 11 2011 I missed a 1:44pm delivery called ups at 3pm I was told from an employee in their service center that I could meet the driver on his route or pick up my package at the service center she called back told me the driver said he would deliver the package after 5pm the same day. I waited from 5pm to 7pm and called back and was told that my package was going to be delivered. At 10pm I called and was told that I could pick up package at the service center by Feb.18th. so upset with the people at ups for their lies. I needed those shoes for Sunday , I can not buy shoes in the stores I wear 12 narrow stores don't carry them so I have to order on line.And I paid extra for next day delivery.Have to wear red Sunday and now i have no red shoes. Thanks to the lies by ups employees.
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A delivery was made on Friday,2/11/11. A note was left that delivery would be made on 2/14/11 between 10:30 a.m.

- 2:00 p.m.

It is now 4:00 p.m. no packages. I checked online using my InfoNotice Number. It said a 2nd delivery attempt was at 11:23 a.m.

Business was closed. That's a LIE. 4 people were in the office. There's a doorbell to be ring.

No ring. Also, no notice left of 2nd attempt. I can't find a number to speak with a live person. If I change delivery address, I have to pay.

What's with UPS.

Are they afraid of complaints? I can't come another day to wait for packages that won't be delivered.

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"Emergency conditions beyond ups control"

This is my first time ever using UPS, and let me assure you... It will be the last. I ordered a package online going on 2 weeks ago, the business had it to the ups store in a matter of 2 days. The package was coming from oklahoma, to north carolina. I know that the area recently had significant snowfall, and im not expecting a company to put their drivers in any danger. But can anyone explain how a package delivered via fedex made it from california to north carolina, ordered on the same day, in 6 days? Yet im still waiting on UPS... Now fedex did NOT pull up in my driveway in a tank or anything, just the regular box truck... So are the weather conditions out there really that bad, or is this just an excuse for UPS to drag ***, and from the other complaints I have read on here, go through everyones packages and take what they want,and to take breaks to play "package soccer"? I know that customer service did not like the fact that I mentioned fedex delivered when they themselves have taken well over twice the time, to deliver half the distance..... Company sounds a bit sketchy to me, maybe it's time for a lawsuit?
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It looks like it was out for delivery every day maybe if you weren’t such a lazy *** and got out an shoveled the snow off your walk or put some salt down so they would not break there neck on the ice it might have been delivered.


Ratpatrol!!! You are the Fake!!!!

He is really right!!! I have ordered Iphone 4 exactly two weeks ago. I am still waiting my delivery!!! Fedex is still working. Usps is still working but UPS is not working!!!

Here is the schedule!!! Take a look please!!!

There is no emergency conditions in the Tulsa!!!

I will not use UPS again!!!

Tulsa, OK, United States 02/15/2011 4:28 A.M. Out For Delivery

Tulsa, OK, United States 02/14/2011 8:55 P.M. Emergency conditions beyond UPS' control.

02/14/2011 12:13 A.M. Out For Delivery

Tulsa, OK, United States 02/11/2011 7:38 P.M. Emergency conditions beyond UPS' control.

02/11/2011 6:18 A.M. Out For Delivery

Tulsa, OK, United States 02/10/2011 12:22 P.M. Adverse weather conditions. / The movement of the package will resume as soon as the weather conditions allow.

Tulsa, OK, United States 02/09/2011 12:00 P.M. Adverse weather conditions. / The movement of the package will resume as soon as the weather conditions allow.

02/09/2011 11:36 A.M. Adverse weather conditions. / The movement of the package will resume as soon as the weather conditions allow.

02/09/2011 5:20 A.M. Out For Delivery

Tulsa, OK, United States 02/08/2011 8:11 P.M. Emergency conditions beyond UPS' control.

02/08/2011 3:35 A.M. Out For Delivery

Tulsa, OK, United States 02/07/2011 7:06 P.M. Emergency conditions beyond UPS' control.

02/07/2011 6:05 A.M. Out For Delivery

Tulsa, OK, United States 02/04/2011 4:22 P.M. Emergency conditions beyond UPS' control.

Tulsa, OK, United States 02/03/2011 3:55 P.M. Emergency conditions beyond UPS' control.

02/03/2011 7:33 A.M. Out For Delivery

Tulsa, OK, United States 02/01/2011 8:00 P.M. Arrival Scan

Oklahoma City, OK, United States 02/01/2011 6:00 A.M. Adverse weather conditions.

DFW Airport, TX, United States 01/31/2011 11:27 P.M. Departure Scan

01/31/2011 2:55 P.M. Arrival Scan

Fort Worth, TX, United States 01/31/2011 2:28 P.M. Departure Scan

01/31/2011 10:48 A.M. Origin Scan

United States 01/31/2011 2:40 P.M. Order Processed: Ready for UPS


This guy is fake!!!!!!!!!!


Delivered to the UPS Store? That's not how it works at all.

UPS Stores have nothing to do with the trucks and deliveries. Sounds like you may be a little confused.

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Ups said I signed for a package at a time when I was at work.

I was waiting on my business cards for three weeks. When my card co. tracked the package, it said that they were delivered two weeks prior and that I had signed for them. I was at work on the day that they were supposedly delivered. While trying to resolve the problem I was hung up on twice and forced to wait on hold again. A total of an hour of wasted time. The end result was thay they had delivered them to a different residence and I need to order new cards. They did however launch an "investigation." Too bad it wasnt send via postal service. It would have been in my mail box.
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Adverse weather conditions only in UPS world

your package is delayed to to adverse weather conditions. those this means that they can't deliver a package when the weather condions are not windy and a nice 65 degress. Or just say sorry we f&*%up with your package let's see what we can do. I called to see what was the problem the customer service person said I am sorry do to this inconviniance your pachage will be deliver 5 day late. Are you sorry or you just was trained to say sorry. I will never do bussiness again with UPS their are more cheaper shippers that are more reliable that this company.
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UPS adverse weather delays.. *** aside from being more expensive than fedex and usps, we have to deal with the union workers doing things as they see fit.

A little snow on the ground or wind and the union worker driver say "uhh dangerous conditions.

I cant drive unless it's 65º and sunny" 8) This company really sucks and is completely unreliable. USE FEDEX OR USPS IF YOU WANT TO PAY LESS AND YOU WANT IT ONTIME!!!!

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I received a parcel to my door, which had been paid for along with shipping. I contacted customer service in regards to the COD charges, for explanation. On a package with goods worth $350 they claim there are COD fees of $106? Absolutely insane! The shipping itself...
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No, I definately just recieved a package that clearly says 0 for duty, 5.33 for GST(the expected duty charge) then I had to pay tax on the brokerage fee which was .85 and 1.53, 17.10 for the actual brokerage fee which according to the UPS website is supposed to be $7. The total COD was 24.81, this is all for an item costing 38.29.

Not to mention I already paid 21.35 to have it shipped in the first place.

I am never going to ship UPS again if I have the option and instead use National postal service where I only get hit with the the real duty charge(5.33 in this case) instead of 24.81, which is what I would normally pay ordering similar items of a similar price range($35 - $45)

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UPS is the worst company in history!

I think all of America should boycott UPS until when and if they reform their despicable business practices. Today is just the latest in a long string of shoddy business practices by UPS. I have been waiting for a package that was supposed t be delivered 10 days ago, still not here. Called every day and assured with 100% certainty the package is en route and will be delivered today. Still no package. When my father died last year, I shipped some of his belongings to my home and insured each box for $500. When they arrived items were shattered in each box. I filed a claim with UPS and they denied covered because they said "I didn't package the box appropriately" although each item was individually wrapped in bubble wrap and filled the box with peanuts. This should be illegal.
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ups does million and millions and MILLIONS of deliveries a yr *** fedex and the usps are light years behind ups use the and you'll be crawling back to brown ***'s


Please tell everyone to Stop using UPS services, I have never received my parcel as well, my mum sent me a present from USA 'a jacket' but i have never seen it.


My boyfriend ordered a mobile phone, he has never received it, it's shows on their system 'out for delivery' but never received ;(


My Iphone was stollen by UPS employees, plz stop using their services, they are thieves!!!


Stop using ups services, they are baaaaaaaaad!!!1


Internet tough guys are a dime a dozen.


iv never had bad service with UPS until this last thing i orded. i ordeed a collar of a site based in NYC (i live in CA) and they almost delivered it to a adress in new york.

then they lost it for 2 days at a ups V in NY. after a week and a half it finally made it to CA, in which they lost it again at another facility in Vernon CA.

then yesterday i was finally supposed to recive my package after almost 3 weeks and guess what? in NEVER came.

so they assured me today it was going to come. i go outside to a UPS truck in my drive way for 20 mintues and never got my package once again, they still have by 7pm to deliver it.

if it does not come today i will personally drive down to the facility my package is at and raise ***. as a matter of fact i hope it doesnt come today so i can drive down there

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UPS and Tracking System

UPS used to be a reliable company. Recently had a package shipped to my home and tracked it on UPS website. Showed Delivery for Wednesday. Stayed home, no delivery. Checked and showed Delivery for Thursday, watched as delivery was made across the street but no package. Called customer service Lori #2708 out of the Salt Lake Office. Asked if she could provide a location for the package. Very rude and stated that its in Transit. Asked if after another day if I needed to make notification of a lost package through the sender. Told not to believe their tracking system as it actually takes longer for the package to arrive. In the past you could monitor each movement of the package and now it basically shows the date of shipment and the arrival date. If UPS cannot tell you where the package is, what do you do. FED X here I come no more UPS
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UPS incompetent during winter

I'm beginning to think that UPS should only be open during the summer...Been waiting for a package for two weeks now. Everyday the tracking states "adverse weather conditions" or "Emergency." This is ridiculous!!! USPS has delivered things for me along the same route in 203 days, and for less. I am fed up with the boys in brown, and will NOT ever be using them again. If they are having this much trouble with the weather conditions, they need to purchase some four wheel drive vehicles or some little box trucks like USPS. SORRIEST SERVICE EVER! I got no help from customer service as well....
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Damaged Packages - Shoddy Delivery Practices by UPS

I purchased a computer battery back-up from a reputable mail order house. It was shipped by UPS. The unit arrived looking like it was used as the ball in the World Cup. Needless to say it was damaged beyond use. It was returned and the seller shipped a second unit, delayed payment, which arrived in worse condition than the first. It too was returned, this time for a refund. I needed a new hard drive, so I ordered one from another outfit. When it arrived, the UPS driver walked to within ten feet (approx) of my front door and threw the package in the general direction thereof. This was witnessed by three people, but before the driver could be confronted he was in his truck and speeding off. Fortunately the hard drive was undamaged although the box took a beating. UPS has a serious problem with its delivery personnel. It might just be this regional, but one would think that they would cherish their jobs in this horrible economy with double digit unemployment. Please comment.
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@ rick.... order something fragile & watch them throw it on your driveway & see how you feel.


UPS should be banned from shipping fragile items ! I had a 32" flat screen shipped from Amazon and picked it up at a UPS center.

When the counter person carried it out, he didn't take any notice of a built in handle, grabbed the box wrong & it fell to the floor.

I had to open the box & inspect it right there before I would accept it. They are horrible !


You should not be allowed to throw a package, however it must be packaged to be able to withstand a "safe drop" which is about three feet.


No rick, you shouldn't be able to throw anything on or off a truck. Some items are fragile, rick, and can be easily damaged by carelessness on the part of the carrier regardless of how well they are packaged. Perhaps you are willing to accept shoddy delivery, but I agree with Prophet.


you should be able to throw a box. they get tossed to and from trucks all the time in the loading and unloading process, as is the case with any carrier, postal, fedex etc. sounds like that reputable company you ordered it from doesn't know how to package things.

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