50 percent failure

6 boxes shipped to potential investors, each containing a prototype that took us weeks to build. I personally packed each as if it was nitroglycerin.

Box 1 arrived with no external damage, although a well-protected part was broken in half. I did not file a claim on this one.

Box 2 arrived with no external damage, although the packing material was missing, the product had been disassembled and its parts were scattered throughout the box.

I filed a claim but their making me jump through hoops, asking for pictures, the invoice, a packing list, their tracking number, my account number and my shipper ID, all of which I've been mailing one at a time because each time they get what they asked for they ask for something more. I'm mailing these because after spending an hour trying to send it using the electronic link they emailed, I called only to find out it doesn't work.

Box 3 arrived looking like a used piñata, the bubble wrap I personally wrapped around and taped to the prototype was gone, the prototype disassembled and its parts were scattered through out the box.

I filed a claim and UPS sent a driver out to inspect it. A couple days latter a UPS customer service rep. called, she said, "I'm sorry your box was damaged in shipment, unfortunately your claim has been denied because the box you used does not meet UPS standards." The confirmation email stated the box was not strong enough to hold the 8-pound item.

The other 3 arrived without damage.

A few days latter they emailed 4 credit card adjustment notices, 3 dimensional weight adjustments ($22.16, $13.00 $16.22), and 1 address correction charge ($10.00).

All 6 boxes were clearly marked 18x18x16, but UPS measured 19x18x17, 18x17x17 and 19x18x17. After several back and forth emails they issued credits on 2, they're not retuning my emails regarding the other 2.

Concerned that one of their employees was stealing my invention, I called customers service, after telling my story, the rep. said "Sorry your boxes were damaged in shipment, you can file a claim on line or if you like I can help you." Sensing I was upset he transferred my call to a higher-up. After telling her my story she said, "Sorry your boxes were damaged in shipment, you can file a claim on line or if you like I can help you."

UPS gets away with this because they can, if one of my customers complains I fix it, when theirs complain they say "Sorry…can't do anything for you, it's ok if you fire us, our system is set up to make more money with less customers.

If only there was law firm willing to after these crooks and make them pay back the millions they're stealing from us with their fraudulent measurements and insurance fees for claims they deny at their discretion.

Isn't it a crying shame our only recourse is posting UPS Sucks stories, I'm posting mine hoping it will help me get over it and go on to more important matters, like finding a few potential investors to replace the ones UPS lost.

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