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I had a package sent from Marine City Michigan to Chatham Ontario.Marine city is about a 20 min drive then a 5 min ferry ride my my current place.

UPS Ground was used to send a 35 pound package from Michigan to Ontario On Thursday July 11 2013. Friday July 12 i call UPS to ask about holding the package at the port of entry in Windsor Ontario. UPS tells me this can be done but not untill the package has made it into canada. Right there that is useless.

I had to sit and check the tracking about 40 times a day to see when it made it into canada. Package went from Marine City on friday, to Romulus Michigan, about 100km in distance. Took just about 1 full day to make it THAT far. So the package sits in Romulus from 832pm July 12 untill departure scan at 10:50pm July 12.

Then nothing is updated until July 14th at 9:47pm when it arrives at Canada Customs in Windsor Ontario. I saw this at 10pm. I call the International UPS number since the Canadian one was closed. Asking to have the package held and i would like to self clear it.

No. This cant be done they tell me. Alhou 3 other UPS customer service people told me it could be done when i called on friday. I have about a 2 hour window to have this package held for self clearance before customs gets a hold and clears it and send it out.

All this lady can do is say she will send a message to the broker at 8am. So that is zero help. 12:19am July 15 the package has cleared customs, 12:53 arrival scan at windsor and 1:22am import scan to windsor. I get a phone call at 9am monday July 15 and told i cant go pick up the package because it has cleared customs and in transit.

Why was it in transit? My tracking still says Import scan. She says nothing they can do. Cant contact a depo or warehouse, cant contact a driver or have the package somehow stopped in transit.

Not possible she says. She also says there is no port of entry and the package cant be held at the windsor area. That its just not something they allow. Now the package goes 363km from Windsor to Concord Ontario where it sits for over a day.

Then it will be put on a truck and sent all the way back 290km to be sent out for delivery after 6pm. NO GOOD. Iv told every person i talked to its time sensitive package that needs to be in my possession by end of day monday July 15. July 16th is too late and makes the package useless.

I ask about intercepting the package in London Ontario. Nope. Cant do that either. I cant even go to the sort plant in Concord to get this.

Seems the ONLY option is NOTHING. Out of all the people i spoke with nobody can do a god *** thing. Package cant be marked held at customs until the package makes it into canada, then you have about 30 minuets to get on the phone to UPS, HOPE its between 8-5pm have them send a message to the broker to hold it there and go pick it up. Oh wait.

No. Cant do that. Only option is nothing. Suck it up and wait 5 days for a hour long there and back trip yourself.

Why does UPS say i can self clear my package in Windsor? Why CANT UPS mark the package BEFORE it makes it to Canada to be held for self clearance? WHY cant the package be intercepted between Windsor and Concord. WHY do the UPS customer service people tell me these things CAN be done when really they cannot?

Never using UPS ever again. Total waste of my time, my money and my customers money who are waiting for these items. Now once the package gets here i will be sending it back to the original sender since they will have no use to me. In closing.

*** YOU UPS.UPS=Useless Piece of ***

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Monetary Loss: $600.

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Toronto, Ontario, Canada #760572

good comment I hate these people , they only do what they have to and nothing more

they are completely useless ! one time I payed for us to Canada tariffs and they continued to call me asking me to pay I told the morons it had been paid for and they could not find it took them 30 mins of arguing and they finally tracked the pament and the sticker was not put on the box so they continued to hold the f in package

I hate this company ! dumb dumb dumb .

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